1. Lucas Oil, or stock appearing bodies allowed, stock appearing bodies, Monte Carlo, Camaro, Etc. Will receive a weight brake but must have stock appearing O.E.M. looking nose, roof, and roof supports

  • ROOF: roof length is min. 44 inches, max 54 inches

     Roof width is min. 48 inches, max 52 inches

Station wagon roofs allowed with full O.E.M. type

Frames only

  1. No more than 1 ½ roll down front and rear, no bubble tops allowed, no side fins sticking up above roof lines, must be mounted parallel to chassis, no more than 4 inch rake front to rear, roof height from ground to top is 48 inches, no exotic roof or twisted up roofs allowed

  2. ROOF SUPPORTS: roof supports must extend from roof to outer edge of quarter panels, top of rear roof supports min 15 inch, max 17 inch----bottom of roof supports min 40 inch, max 43 inch

  3. Front roof supports must be max 2 inch at top and max 4 inch at bottom, cannot have no more than 2 inch of bow out, must extend to outer edge of top decking and extend toward rear of car to spoiler supports, min. 3 inch and max. 4 inch from front edge of spoiler


  1. Any full late model nose allowed, any stock appearing nose with full O.E.M. frame will receive a 200 lb weight break

  2. Cannot exceed max 52 inch in from center of front hub to farthest point on nose, no wedge noses or late model noses permitted, must be stock appearing

  3. Floppers can be plastic and molded to noses, no wider than 78 inches outside to outside, no farther back than 2 inches past center of hub, cannot be no higher than 2 inches above tops of fender, tops must be rounded, no wings or lips above floppers permitted, cannot exceed more than 2 inches outside of tire


  1. Flat or drop decking allowed, max drop is 3 inch from tops of doors

  2. Max width 76 inches, drop decks that start at back of hood must be filled to seal off motor compartment, top decking must taper to rear and level out 32 inches in front of spoiler forward, can be 76 inches at center of rear hub and taper to rear quarters, max width at rear decking is 72 inches

  3. No raised edges or wings above top decking, must be rounded or square edged

  4. Window openings min 12 inches for drivers to safely exit

  5. Front of top decking from ground to top is max 37 inches and rear of top decking from ground to top rear corner is max 8 inches


  1. Fender tops must be flat, no bubble type, max 37 inches from ground to top of fenders, no lips or edges permitted above quarters

  2. Doors tops must match height of top decking max 76 inches wide and extend toward ground max 82 inches at bottom measured at front of rear tire

  3. Quarter panel max 52 inches from center of rear hub to top rear edge of to decking, max 48 inches measured from center of rear hub straight back toward rear, no taller than 31 inches max width with plastic, min 27 inches width with plastic max 38 inches from ground to top rear edge of top decking


  1. 8 inch spoiler, 8 inch of flat material with max 3 supports

Max width 72 inch no tolerance, spoiler side measure max 19 ½ inch at bottom, front edge mas 4 inches with a  1 ½ inch slant toward rear, tap max length 24 inches, bottom must start at edge of top decking forward, max 8 inch from edge of top decking straight up, ½ inch tolerance

   2. Rear can be open


  1. Any late model frame with Camaro clip allowed, 1955 frame with Camaro clip ok, any metric or Chevelle full frame from steering box to center of rear end will receive a 200 lb weight brake, no full late model frames allowed, min. Wheel base 103 inches

  2. Camaro clip must extend from mid-plate to steering box, and must have stock O.E.M. lower A-frames only

  3. 2x2, 2x3 and round tube min. 1 ¾ inch frames allowed

  4. Any steering allowed, stock or rack & pinion steering ok

  5. Engine set back, #1 plug in line with top balljoint, ½ inch tolerance

  6. Cockpit must be fully enclosed front to rear

  7. Fuel cell must be encased in steel with no less than 1/16 x 2 inch wide straps, must extend completely around the top and bottom

  8. All rear bumpers must not extend past body and must be caped, no sharp edges


  1. Any 3-link suspension allowed

  2. Can have tube adjustable lowers, Panard bars, J-bar or straight bar allowed and can be adjustable

  3. Any pull bar, spring rod allowed but must be mounted on top of rear end only, no lift arms of any kind

  4. Must have stock O.E.M. lower A-frames only, any spindles and calipers allowed, tube upper A-frames ok, steel rotors only front and rear, 3 wheel brakes ok, right front shut off ok, after market pedals ok with brake adjuster ok

  5. Any racing spring allowed min 5 inch, max 5 ½ inch, coil over eliminators allowed on rear only, jack bolts allowed

  6. Racing multi-leafs, or single leafs allowed, lowering blocks ok, slider boxes ok

  7. No 4-bar suspensions allowed, no floating birdcages, brake floaters of and kid, 3 link only

  8. Any oil shock allowed, 1 shock per wheel only, no tractions or dummy shocks permitted, steel body oil shocks only, no adjustable shocks permitted, no Schrader valves allowed

  9. Any multi-leaf suspension only, 90/10 shock allowed on top

10.Quick change rear ends allowed, wide five hubs allowed front and rear, 9 inch Ford floaters ok

11.Any steel or aluminum wheels allowed, wide five steel wheels ok, wide five adaptors ok, 1 inch lug nuts mandatory


  1. E-85 or racing gas only. No alcohol allowed


  1. Open fronts, Hoosier 1600s, American Racers 56 on both rears, must punch 50 after race, no tolerance

  2. Grooving, siping, grinding surface allowed, no chemical treatment of any kind inside or out, tires must have readable shoulder plate or will be ruled illegal


  1. Any transmission, any bellhousing allowed

Any steel or aluminum driveshaft allowed, no carbon fiber

All weight must be securely fastened in cars with no less that ½ inch bolts or weight clamps, any car that loses weight due to improper mounting will be disqualified


  • WEIGHT 2800 LBS

  1. Any O.E.M. steel block, max 362 cubic inches zero decking allowed, no par of piston can stick out of block

  2. Any min. 48 lb steel or cast crank


FORD 3.500


Plus or minus .002

   3. Any steel rod

   4. Flat top pistons only, no domes allowed.

   5. Any solid lift cam allowed, stock diameter lifters only, no mushroom or ceramic lifters allowed, roller cams add 50 lbs

   6. Any aftermarket 23 degree steel heads allowed, no aluminum heads, plus or minus 1 degree, no cc rule, no raised runner heads, port and polishing allowed, any steel valves and springs allowed, no titanium, any rocker system

   7. Any factory style aluminum intake, max 2 inch spacer, no 2 pc, sheet metal or homemade intakes permitted

   8. 1 four barrel carburetor, gas only, no alcohol allowed

   9. Any MSD ignition system, no crank triggers or magnetos

10.Any headers, no headers can exit door area or fender area at all

11.Manual fuel pump mounted in stock position

12.No external oil pumps or oil coolers allowed, no rear drive power steering pump permitted

  • 2600 lbs

  1. Must have full O.E.M. frame from steering box to rearend

  2. Any steel O.E.M. block, any cubic inch max 406, zero decking allowed

  3. Any stock stroke, 3.480 to 3.750

  4. Any steel rod and piston

  5. Any steel 23 degree head allowed, plus or minus 1 degree, no raised runner heads allowed, port and polishing allowed, any cc allowed, any steel valves and springs allowed, no titanium permitted, any rocker system allowed

  6. Any solid lift cam and lifters allowed, stock diameter lifters, no mushroom or ceramic lifters allowed, roller cams add 50 lb

  7. Any factory production intake, max 2 inch spacer, no 2 pc or sheet metal intakes permitted

  8. Any gas carburetor, no alcohol

  9. Any MSD type ignition allowed

10.Any straight back headers, no headers is allowed to exit out drivers door or fender area

11.Wet sumps only, no external oil pumps or coolers allowed

12.Fuel pump must be in O.E.M. location




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