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Another Big Night Of Racing Action At Mountain View Raceway June 6, 2020

By: Thomas Montgomery

Spring City,TN (June 6, 2020): It was another big night of racing action at Mountain View Raceway on Saturday night. There was a change in the program to begin with as hot laps and qualifying was done seperatelyy instead of together. This was also the first night of the new scheduling change. The Thunder, 4-Cylinder, B-Hobby, Sportsman, Front Wheel Drive, and the B-Sportsman will be a weekly fixtures at the track, and the Late Models and 604 Late Models will be rotated each week. With 96 cars signing into race on Saturday, it seems that management made the right decision.

The Ware Excavating Sportsman class saw 24 cars sign in, and it was Blairsville,GA driver #14 Sylvan Shuette setting fast time with a lap of 11.451. That was Shuette’s second fast time of the year at the track. The first race of the year, Shuette set the new track record with a lap of 10.571. The 25-lap feature saw 22 starters and began with Schuette powering into the lead with #711 Morgan Alexander challenging. #17J Justin Cameron was behind the 2 leaders, trying to get by them. Several cautions slowed the race, and on every restart Shuette and Alexander would lead the field to speed. On lap 15, Cameron’s night ended. There was great racing behind the duo, as #15 Michael Smith found himself in third, and Booger Brooks was charging hard from his 11th place starting position. Meanwhile #2 Josh Walker, #C11 Clyde Stanton, and #15H Scott Hogan was in a tight battle behind the leaders. Alexander continued to hound Schuette as the laps wore down, but Shuette was determined to take the win on this night as he led all 25 laps, for the win. Alexander was a close second, Smith finished in third, Brooks wound up in fourth, and Stanton rounded out the top 5.

The B-Sportsman class, (for beginners in the Sportsman class), debuted at the track on Saturday night, and in qualifying it was #32 Quincy Adams setting fast time with a lap of 12.306. A very fast lap for a beginner. There were several cautions throughout the race, which was just for 9 laps of the original scheduled 20, because of the time limit. On the last lap it looked like Adams made a mistake to allow #13 Dylan Morgan to get by. However Adams won the race by .0492 seconds ahead of Morgan. #J32 Shannon Jones crossed the line in third, #8 Randall Hicks finished fourth, and #54 Earl Jordan rounded out the top 5.

In the Legacy Village B-Hobby, it was Dunlap’s #20 Lamar Hughes and Crossville driver #55 Duke Lowe taking the heat race wins. Hughes jumped into the lead, with Lowe right on his bumper. The duo was bumper to bumper for the next 20 laps, as Lowe continuously tried to get by Hughes for the lead but just couldn’t make the pass, as Hughes went flag to flag for his first win of the year, just 0.779 seconds ahead of Lowe. Lowe would finish in second for the second week in a row. #06 Wesley Lester finished third, #BR549 Cody Moffett was fourth, and #27 Cody Walden rounded out the top 5.

The Jake Miller Excavating Thunder Class started the night with heat races, and the 2 winners were Hardin Valley drivers #20 Jonathan Sims and #1 Cody Satterfield. The feature saw Sims power to his second win of the year at the track. There was close racing throughout the race behind Sims. #52 Clayton Forsythe would finish in second, #17 Spencer Walton Jr was third, #T2 Matthew Lloyd came home in fourth, and #8W Blake Wright rounded out the top 5. Forsythe, Walton Jr, and Lloyd were only separated by a combined total of 1 second at the finish.

The Jenning’s Excavating 4-Cylinder class saw Clinton,TN driver #39 Tim Ladd and Harrison,TN’s #J17 Josh McKee win the Heat races to set the front row for the feature. In the 20 lap feature, Ladd went unchallenged as he picked up his second win of the year ahead of #27 Joe Freels, who finished in second, #72 Walter Walsh was third, McKee finished in fourth, and #17 Daniel Moody rounded out the top 5.

In the Coca-Cola Front Wheel Drive heat races, it was Crossville’s #1 Jacob Sharp and #696 Amos Wicks winning. Sharp dominated the 20 lap feature, as he picked up his second win of the year at the track. Wicks wound up a distant second, #20X Chris Singleton was third, #11 Tyler Walton finished in fourth, and #3C Chris Edwards rounded out the top 5.

On Saturday it was the Tennesseed Erosion Control Late Models who were at the track and 17 of them signed into race. In qualifying it was Harrison,TN driver #15 Ethan Hunter setting fast time with a lap of 11.676 to put himself on the pole for the feature. In the 30 lap feature Hunter was challenged briefly by #66 Jordan Rodabaugh. Hunter however would go flag to flag for the win. Rodabaugh finished second, #3 Bryan Pritchard was third, #24 Barry Goodman would hold onto fourth, and #2X Anthony White rounded out the top five after starting in 10th.

Next Saturday night, there will again be 7 big classes in action, as the track will start it’s weekly championship points racing. The 6 weekly classes, plus the 604 Late Models will rumble on the high banks of the new Mountain View Raceway. Check out our page on Facebook for more information. Also our website at has information on rules and prices to get in.





1.15 Ethan Hunter 2. 66 Jordan Rodabaugh 3. 3 Bryan Pritchard 4. 24 Barry Goodman 5. 2X Anthony White 6. 287 David Doss 7. 87 Anthony Conley 8. 10R Richie Standridge 9. 7 Tyler Price 10. 5 Mark Todd 11. 3 Todd Gregory 12. 32 Jason Manley 13. 17 Josh Nolff 14. K&B Ron Evans 15. 31 Jarrett Choate DNS: 201 Glenn Vanover DNS: 47 Patrick Duggan



1.14 Sylvan Shuette 2. 711 Morgan Alexander 3. 15 Michael Smith 4. 48 Booger Brooks 5. C11 Clyde Stanton 6. 2 Josh Walker 7. 15H Scotty Hogan 8. 3 Jeremy Hicks 9. 3C Carden Cochran 10. 88 Ricky Smith 11. 11 Don Vanwinkle 12. 14 Jonathon Hampton 13. 28 Bobby Doss 14. 28 Brandon Stanfield 15. C3 Dylan Cole 16. 73 Brad Douglas 17. 629 Landon Gentry 18. 13 Aaron Watson 19. 17J Justin Cameron 20. 1 Nathan Bowman 21. 83 Chad Miller 22. 67 Chris Peak DNS: D2 Darren Goins DNS: 90 Mike Bishop DNS:1G Gene Hulgan Jr



1. 20 Lamar Hughes 2. 55 Duke Lowe 3. 06 Wesley Lester 4. BR549 Cody Moffett 5. 27 Cody Walden 6. 13 DJ McMahan 7. 14 Skylar Douglas DNS: 00 Ricky Webb DNS: 8 Brandon Francis



1. 30 Jonathan Sims 2. 52 Clayton Forsythe 3. 17 Spencer Walton Jr 4. T2 Matthew Lloyd 5. 8W Blake Wright 6. 1 Cody Satterfield 7. 5 Michael Jenkins 8. 3E David Brogdon 9. 73 Eric Honeycutt 10. 28 Ray Hamby



1. 39 Tim Ladd 2. 27 Joe Freels 3. 72 Walter Walsh 4. J17 Josh McKee 5. 17 Daniel Moody 6. 51 Brad Hamilton 7. 46 Ricky Harmon 8. 70 Greg Eberhart 9. 18 Chris Shannon 10. 20 Donnie Lowe 11. 40 Jeff Gross 12. B7 Brandon Phillips 13. 72 James Bridenbaker 14. R26 Tom Patterson DNS: 20G Nikita Wright



1. 1 Jacob Sharp 2. 696 Amos Wicks 3. 20X Chris Singleton 4. 11 Tyler Walton 5. 3C Chris Edwards 6. 9K Kevin Sexton 7. 04 Frankie Harness DNS: 3 Matthew Sullivan


1. 32 Quincy Adams 2. 13 Dylan Morgan 3. J32 Shannon Jones 4. 8 Randall Hicks 5. 54 Earl Jordan 6. 27 Michael Roberts 7. J28 Christian James 8. 19 Sam Oakley 9. 62 Zach Evans 10. 23W Troy Croft 11. 76 David Peak DNS: 41 Derek Goodson



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