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Weekly Update May 23, 2020

By: Thomas Montgomery

Saturday was the grand opening of the new Mountain View Raceway. A car count of 93 racecars and a ton of fans in the stands and tier parking, proved to the new owners that all their hard work and remodeling of the track paid off.

On this night the Sprtman Late Model class had a special $1,000 to win race. There was 29 entrants that signed in for the nights action. In qualifying it was Blairsville, Ga driver #13 Sylvan Schuette setting fast time with a lap of 10.571. The top 12 qualifyers were locked into the 30 lap feature, and the rest of the cars would have to try and race their way in with the 2 B-Mains ran to set the 20 car field. In the first B-Main it was Oliver Springs’ driver the “Cobra”, #3 Jimmie York taking the win. In the second B-Main it was Soddy Daisy driver #J5 John Smith the win. The top four cars in each B-Main were locked into the feature race. The 30 lap feature started with Schuette taking the lead in front of Harrison’s #17J Justin Cameron. Huette would carry a good lead on Cameron until they got into the back of the field cars. At one point Cameron got beside of Schuette, only to have to fall back behind him. Several cautions marred the race and there was a lot of attrition throughout the race. There was one particular driver powering his way through the field. Wartburg’s #Z1 Zach Shannon, who started 16th at the start found himself in the top five around lap 20 mark. He would find himself inthird a couple of laps later. On lap 26 Schuette and Cameron got into each other, which ended Shuette’s night and making Cameron go to the rear. This turned the lead over to Shannon who cruised the remaining four laps to take the win. Finishing in second was #122 Jeremy Shannon, third was #44 Brandon Young, in fourth it was #10R Rich Standridge, and rounding out the top five was #J4 Colton Jackson, who started 20th.

The B-Hobby class saw 9 competitors sign in to race. In qualifying it was Dunlap’s #20 Johnathon Hughes setting fast time with a lap of 12.302. There was 2 heat races to set the lineup for the feature. In heat race #1 it was Hughes taking the win to sit on the pole for the feature. In heat race #2 it was Coalfield’s #13 DJ McMahan taking the win. In the 20 lap feature it was all Hughes, as he dominated to take the win. #14 Skylar Douglas finished in second, 5 seconds behind the winner. Third went to #31 Jeff Proffitt, fourth was #01 Lamar Hughes, and rounding out the top five was #39 Scotty Proffitt.

In the Thunder class 9 racers signed in for the night. In qualifying it was Hardin Valley’s #30 Jonathan Sims setting fast time with a lap of 13.416. Sims also swept the rest of the nights action, as he also won the heat race and the 20 lap feature. Second was #1 Cody Satterfield, third went to #17 Spencer Walton, fourth was #31 Josh Proffitt, and rounding out the top five was #73 Eric Honeycutt.

The 4-Cylinders was in action, and in qualifying it was Lenoir City’s #30 Larry Housley setting fast time with a lap of 12.565 setting fast time among the 16 entries. The heat race winners were Housley and Clinton’s #39 Tim Ladd. The 20 lap feature started with Housley jumping into the lead, with Ladd close in his tire tracks. The pair battled several laps, until Ladd got by Housley for the lead. Several of the top cars fell out of the race about halfway. Ladd went on to lead the remaining laps for the win. Second was #5 Donny Turpin, third went to #17 Daniel Moody, #17 Josh McKee finshed fourth, and #18 Brad Gladden rounded out the top five.

The Front Wheel Drive class saw a wild night, as in the 20 lap feature there were only 3 cars on the lead lap at the checkers. Taking home the win was Crossville’s #1 Jacob Sharp, finishing second was #9K Kevin Sexton, third was #33H Aaron Herbert, #B21 Dusty Branstetter finished fourth, and #H45 Hunter Withers rounded out the top five.

Next Saturday night, Mountain View Raceway will once again be in action. Saturday’s racing will be with Group #1 cars, with 604 Crate Late Model, Open Wheel Modifieds, B-Hobby, Mod Lites, and the Dwarf cars. Come check out the excitement on “tha high banks”, as it is sure to be another action packed night of racing. Check out our website at and our Facebook page @ Mountain View Raceway for our schedule, news, and all the information about the track.





1. Z1 Zachary Shannon 2. 122 Jeremy Shannon 3. 44 Brandon Young 4. 10R Rich Standridge 5. J4 Colton Jackson 6. 3 Jimmie York 7. B9 Ted Lowe 8. 17J Justin Cameron 9. 8 Randy Hicks 10. 1G Gene Hulgan Jr. 11. 67 Chris Peak 12. D4 Dennis Shaver 13. 14 Sylvan Schuette 14. 3 Jeremy Hicks 15. 2 Johnny Walker 16. 11 Don Van Winkle 17. 7M Michael Clements 18. J5 John Smith 19. TJ McCoy Jr


1. 20 Johnathan Hughes 2. 14 Skyler Douglas 3. 31 Jeff Proffitt 4. 01 Lamar Hughes 5. 30 Scotty Proffitt 6. 13 DJ McMahan 7. 00 Rick Webb 8. 06 Wesley Lester 9. 42 John Sims


1. 30 Jonathan Sims 2. 1 Cody Saterfield 3. 17 Spencer Walton 4. 31 Josh Proffitt 5. 73 Eric Honeycutt 6. 5 Michael Jenkins 7. 8W Blake Wright 8. T2 Matthew Lloyd 9. B15 Tommy Barber


1. 39 Tim Ladd 2. 5 Donny Turpin 3. 17 Daniel Moody 4. 17 Josh McKee 5. 18 Brad Gladden 6. 27 Joe Freels 7. 18 Tim Kilby 8. 20 Donny Lowe 9. 20G Nikita Wright 10. 6 David Phillip 11. 72 Walter Walsh 12. 12 Dustin Stephens 13. 30 Larry Housley 14. 46 Ricky Harmon 15. 32 Aaron Beard 16. R26 Tom Patterson


1. 1 Jacob Sharp 2. 9K Kevin Sexton 3. 33H Aaron Herbert 4. B21 Dusty Branstetter 5. H45 Hunter Withers 6. 3 Matthew Sullivan 7. 39H Fabe Herbert 8. 11 Tyler Walton 9. 25 Jordan West 10. 11W Andy Wilson 11. 46 Cody Rector 12. 7 Richard Clowers 13. J19 Jason Scholl 14. 13 Steve Hurley 15. 20X Chris Singleton 16. N90 Nick Adams 17. 17 Raymond Fuson 18. Brandon Crawford

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