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SPRING CITY, TN – The Heavy Metal Thunder Division will take the spotlight this Saturday night at Mountain View Raceway with a $1,000-to-win 20-lap Main Event. The non-racing ladies will be a part of the act with a special ten-lap Powder Puff Race. The Dwarfs will also return this Saturday night.

The Mountain View Raceway Sportsman, Beginner Sportsman, Open-Wheel Modified, B-Hobby, and Front-Wheel-Drive Divisions will also be in action this Saturday night with regular Weekly Point Races. The Late Models will have the night off.

Clayton Forsyth of Crossville, TN leads the entries for the Thunder Special, as the point leader coming into the $1,000-to-win race with 406 points driving the Forsyth Motorsports Chevelle. Forsyth holds a 22-point over Chris Williams of Soddy Daisy, TN with 384 points in the Ameka Wilkey Monte Carlo.

Bobby Davenport of Crossville, TN in the Davenport Racing Special is third with 378 points and Cody Satterfield of Knoxville, TN is fourth with 372 points in the Satterfield Racing Monte Carlo. Scott Smith of Soddy Daisy, TN is fifth with 322 points in the Smith Racing Camaro, and recent winner Spencer Walton of Crossville, TN is sixth with 266 points in the Kennedy Siding Monte Carlo.

The ladies will be borrowing the race cars of actual competitors for the Powder Puff Races. The Divisions will be determined by the types of race cars the ladies borrow, and will be announced on Saturday night.

Bobby Doss of Cleveland, TN in the Levi Racing Rocket leads the Sportsman Division standings going into Saturday night’s 20 Lap Feature Race with 338 points. Bradley Goodman of Spring City, TN is second with 266 points driving the Goody’s Power Sweeping Rocket, and Joe Bray of New Tazewell, TN is third with 246 points in the Bray Roofing Rocket.

David Peak of Evensville, TN is the Beginner Sportsman point leader going into Saturday night’s 15-lap Main Event with 396 points driving the BS Welding Rayburn. Jeremy Thurman of Rockwood, TN in the Addison’s Complete Auto Repair GRT is second with 348 points and Tyler Loden of Spring City, TN is third with 346 points in the Lashes & Waxing by Paige GRT.

Travis Sietsema of Crossville, TN will go into Saturday night’s 20 Lap Open-Wheel-Modified Feature Race as the point leader with 322 points in the Tee’s Home Improvement LG2. Billy Palmer of Knoxville, TN in the Palmer Racing Special is second with 296 points and David Lester of Rockwood, TN is third with 218 points driving the Cadillac Grill Loose Griff.

Saturday night’s 15-lap B-Hobby Main Event will see Johnny Hughes of Graysville, TN in the Hughes Racing Special leading the standings with 434 points. David Beeler of Sevierville, TN with 356 points is second in the Kodak Tractor Camaro and Jim Gilbert of Rossville, GA is third with 318 points in the Gilbert Racing Special.

The Adams Brothers of Crossville, TN remain one-two in the Front-Wheel-Drive point standings going into Saturday night’s 15-lap Feature Race. Nick Adams leads the standings in the Grave Digger Chevrolet HHR with 388 points and Nick Adams is second with 384 points in the Adams Racing Special. Billy Long of Niota, TN is third with 334 points driving the Long’s Painting and Remodeling Chevrolet.

On Saturday at Mountain View Raceway, the Pit Gate opens at 3 p.m., and the Grandstand/Tier Parking Gates opens at 4 p.m. Pre-Race Technical Inspection and Registration will be from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and the Drivers Meeting is set for 5:45 p.m., with Racing scheduled for 6 p.m.

Pit Passes are $25 for Adults, $15 for Children 6-11, and Children 5 and under are admitted Free. The General Admission and Tier Parking ticket prices are $10 for race fans 12 and older, Children 6-11 are $5. and Children 5 and under are admitted Free. All Children must be accompanied by an Adult.

Mountain View Raceway where you can get “Your Thrill By The Hill” is located at 20626 Rhea County Highway (U.S. Highway 27), Spring City, TN 37381. For more information, call 423-507-2619 or visit the track website at You can also like the Mountain View Raceway Facebook page at


THUNDER – 1. Clayton Forsyth, Crossville, TN, 406; 2. Chris Williams, Soddy Daisy, TN, 384; 3. Bobby Davenport, Crossville, TN, 378; 4. Cody Satterfield, Knoxville, TN, 372; 5. Scott Smith, Soddy Daisy, TN, 322; 6. Spencer Walton, Crossville, TN, 266; 7. Colby Yarger, Spring City, TN, 224; 8. Eric Honeycutt, Rockwood, TN, 206; 9. Tony Tankersley, Spring City, TN, 142; 10. Nate Hicks, Spring City, TN, 118.

SPORTSMAN – 1. David Doss, Cleveland, TN, 338; 2. Bradley Goodman, Spring City, TN, 266; 3. Joe Bray, New Tazewell, TN, 246; 4. Aaron Watson, Dayton, TN, 230; 5. Hayden Cardwell, Knoxville, TN, 222; 6. Donnie Van Winkle, Soddy Daisy, TN, 220; 7. Jeremy Hicks, Cleveland, TN, 218; 8. Tyler Dennis, Dayton, TN, 216; 9. Hayden Ownbey, Cleveland, TN, 172; 10. John Smith, Soddy Daisy, TN, 160.

BEGINNER SPORTSMAN – 1. David Peak, Evensville, TN, 396; 2. Jeremy Thurman, Rockwood, TN, 348; 3. Tyler Loden, Spring City, TN, 346; 4. Bradley Goodman, Spring City, TN, 312; 5. Christian James, Soddy Daisy, TN, 308; 6. Cody Youngblood, Rockwood, TN, 280; 7. Tyler Jolley, Spring City, TN, 276; 8. Sean Truelove, Cleveland, TN, 200; 8. Josh Rogers, Dayton, TN, 200; 10. Gary Levi, Cleveland, TN, 196.

OPEN-WHEEL MODIFIED – 1. Travis Sietsema, Crossville, TN, 322; 2. Billy Palmer, Knoxville, TN, 296; 3. David Lester, Rockwood, TN, 218; 4. Walter Walsh, Claxton, TN, 206; 5. Kirk Turner, Crossville, TN, 190; 6. Robby Reagan, Crossville, TN, 150; 7. Justan Parker, Spring City, TN, 148; 8. Wayne James, Cosby, TN, 144; 9. Sarah Patrick, Albany, KY, 142; 10. Adam Ogle, Cosby, TN, 140.

B-HOBBY – 1. Johnny Hughes, Graysville, TN, 434; 2. David Beeler, Sevierville, TN, 356; 3. Jim Gilbert, Rossville, GA, 318; 4. Lamar Hughes, Soddy Daisy, TN, 260; 5. Adam Rice, Crossville, TN, 156; 6. Lewis Johnson, Dunlap, TN, 126; 7. Kenneth Daniels, Spring City, TN, 124; 8. James Smith, Dayton, TN, 118; 9. Lloyd Singleton, Oliver Springs, TN, 116; 10. Dylan Johnson, Dunlap, TN, 98.

FRONT-WHEEL-DRIVE – 1. Nick Adams, Crossville, TN, 388; 2. Nathan Adams, Crossville, TN, 384; 3. Billy Long, Niota, TN, 334; 4. Jacob Sharp, Crossville, TN, 324; 5. Jack Gresham, Decatur, TN, 304; 6. Tyler Walton, Crossville, TN, 284; 6. Josh Scealf, Decatur, TN, 284; 8. Samuel King, Decatur, TN, 228; 9. Nate Ingham, Athens, TN, 216; 10. Shaun Massey, Athens, TN, 208.

LATE MODEL – 1. Barry Goodman, Spring City, TN, 292; 2. Christopher Peak, Evensville, TN, 266; 3. Josh Collins, Knoxville, TN, 224; 4. Harley Maginness, Dayton, TN, 216; 5. Tommy Miller, Soddy Daisy, TN, 144; 6. Brandon Brown, Cullman, AL, 100; 7. John Ownbey, Cleveland, TN, 98; 8. Michael Smith, Crossville, TN, 92; 9. Sean Truelove, Cleveland, TN, 88; 10. Josh Walker, Ringgold, GA, 86.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Point leader Clayton Forsyth of Crossville, TN in the #52 Forsyth Motorsports Chevelle will lead the entries this Saturday night for a Special $1,000-To-Win Main Event for the Thunder Division at Mountain View Raceway in Spring City, TN. Their will also be a Special Powder Puff Race for the Non-Racing Ladies, plus racing action for the Sportsman, Beginner Sportsman, Open-Wheel Modified, B-Hobby, Front-Wheel-Drive, and Dwarf Divisions. (Mountain View Raceway Media Photo by Greg Farmer)


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