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SPRING CITY, TN – Hayden Ownbey of Cleveland, TN made a late race pass to take the victory in the 25-lap Late Model Feature Race at Mountain View Raceway om Saturday night driving the Ownbey Racing Special. Ownbey caught early race leader Colton Proffitt of Crosville, TN in lapped traffic with three laps to go and used a lapped car as a pick make the pass for the lead.

Profitt took the second spot in the Profitt Racing Special and Michael Smith of Crossville, TN finished third in the Spin City Studio Longhorn. The defending Late Model Champion Barry Goodman of Spring City, TN was fourth in the Charlie’s Used Auto Parts CVR and Tyler Nichols of Ringgold, GA rounded out the top five driving the Nichols Racing Longhorn.

A total of 126 cars in eight Divisions represented by drivers from five different states rolled into the Mountain View Raceway Pit Area for the first 2022 Season Championship Points paying race. Drivers will accumulate points during the season to determine the 2022 Champion in each Division.

Addison Cardwell of Knoxville, TN drove the Shorty’s Motorsports PPM to victory in the 20-lap Sportsman Main Event followed by Adam Mitchell of Knoxville, TN in the Mitchell Racing Special in second, and third went to Bradley Goodman of Spring City, TN in the Goody’s Power Sweeping Rocket.

The race was stopped for a serious accident on lap four when Tyler Dennis of Dayton, TN got hooked by another car coming off the second turn that spun the car to the right. That caused the left-rear tire to deflate and dig in, sending the First Farmers Bank Rocket upside down on top of the backstretch wall under the Control Tower.

The car came to rest on its roof, but the Mountain View Raceway Rescue Squad quickly arrived on the scene and helped Dennis out of the car, shaken, but uninjured. The safety features built into the race cars at Mountain View Raceway did their job.

Jimmy Dalton of Powell, TN was the Open-Wheel Modified 20-lap Feature Race winner driving the Willett Powder Coating Lightning. Defending Open-Wheel Modified Champion Billy Palmer of Knoxville, TN drove the Mighty Muffler and Brakes Tinch to a second-place finish and Joe Freels of Coalfield, TN was third in the Freels Racing Special.

Brady Lee of Knoxville, TN won the 15-lap B-Hobby Main Event driving the Lee Racing Camaro. Jim Gilbert of Rossville, TN took the second spot in the Rat Rod Chevelle and Kenneth Daniels of Spring City, TN finished third in the Daniels Racing Special.

Chris Williams of Soddy Daisy, TN was the winner in the 15-lap Thunder Feature Race driving the Anneke Wilkey Monte Carlo followed by Jonathan Sims of Knoxville, TN in the Roberts Auto Repair Monte Carlo in second-place, and Casey Cash of Spring City, TN driving the Cash Racing Camaro in third.

Nathan Adams of Crossville, TN took the win in the Front-Wheel-Drive A Feature Race in the Adams Racing Special with second-place going to Jacob Sharp of Crossville, TN driving the Sharp Race Cars Chevrolet. Bo Millsaps of Decatur, TN was third in the Millsaps Racing Chevrolet.

The 12-lap Front-Wheel-Drive B Feature Race was won by Marcus Huston of Decatur, TN driving the Huston Racing Special. Nate Ingham of Athens, TN finished second in the Ingham Racing Honda and Zack Ricker of Niota, TN was third in the Ricker Racing Special.

Jason Pierce of Dayton, TN won the 15-lap Beginner Sportsman Main Event in the Pierce Racing Special with Charlie Fisher of Spring City, TN taking the second spot driving the Charlie’s Used Auto Parts Rocket. Johnny Vanover of Harriman, TN finished third in the Vanover Racing Special.

Nine-year-old Frankie Sharp of Crossville, TN wheeled the Sharp Race Cars Chevrolet to his first win in the 10-lap Junior Front-Wheel-Drive Feature Race. The Junior FWD Division is for kids 15 years of age and younger. Steven Clowers of Englewood, TN was second in the Clowers Racing Special and Chevy Adams of Crossville, TN finished third in the Adams Racing Special.

Mountain View Raceway will take a week off and return to action on Saturday night, April 16 with the $2,500-to-win 3rd Annual Rocky Top Rumble for the Late Model Division. The Sportsman, Open-Wheel Modified, Thunder and the Front-Wheel-Drive Divisions will also be in action on the ¼-mile high-banked clay oval.

Mountain View Raceway where you can get “Your Thrill By The Hill” is located at 20626 Rhea County Highway (U.S. Highway 27), Spring City, TN 37381. For more information, call 423-405-8490 or visit the track website at You can also like the Mountain View Raceway Facebook page at


LATE MODEL – 25 Laps: 1. Hayden Ownbey, Cleveland, TN; 2. Colton Profitt, Crossville, TN; 3. Michael Smith, Crossville, TN; 4. Barry Goodman, Spring City, TN; 5. Tyler Nichols, Ringgold, GA; 6. Tommy Miller, Soddy Daisy, TN; 7. Josh Walker, Ringgold, GA; 8. Chris Lewis, Lenoir City, TN; 9. Ruben Mayfield, Lenoir City, TN; 10. Jeff Jackson, Ooltewah, TN; 11. Haley Maginness, Dayton, TN; 12. Jeremy Thurman, Rockwood, TN; 13. Donnie Van Winkle, Soddy Daisy, TN; 14. Addison Cardwell, Knoxville, TN; 15. Mike Bishop, Decatur, TN DNS; 16. Kyle Courtney, Knoxville, TN DNS; 17. Jerry Hendrix, Chattanooga, TN DNS.

SPORTSMAN – 20 Laps: 1. Addison Cardwell, Knoxville, TN; Adam Mitchell, Knoxville, TN; 3. Bradley Goodman, Spring City, TN; 4. John Smith, Soddy Daisy, TN; 5. Jonathan Ingram, Lenoir City, TN; 6. Chad Miller, Ooltewah, TN; 7. Brad Cross, Cleveland, TN; 8. Seth Jolley, Spring City, TN; 9. D.J. McMahan, Cedar Ridge, TN; 10. Adam Bishop, Riceville, TN; 11. Forrest Medina, Tellico Plains, TN; 12. Cody Youngblood, Rockwood, TN; 13. Christian James, Soddy Daisy, TN; 14. Dale Page, Rock Island, TN; 15. David Peak, Evensville, TN; 16. Tyler Dennis, Dayton, TN; 17. Jason Carter, Madisonville, TN; 18. David Beeler, Sevierville, TN; 19. Brandon Stanfield, Soddy Daisy, TN DNS.

OPEN-WHEEL MODIFIED – 20 Laps: 1. Jimmy Dalton, Powell, TN; 2. Billy Palmer, Knoxville, TN; 3. Joe Freels, Coalfield, TN; 4. Matthew Hooper, Lancing, TN; 5. Justin Parker, Pikeville, TN; 6. Kyle Shadden, Dayton, TN; 7. Walter Walsh, Claxton, TN; 8. Reece Ogle, Sevierville, TN; 9. Rodney Griffin, Spring City, TN; 10. Scott Iles, Evensville, TN; 11. Sarah Patrick, Albany, KY; 12. Shane Creech, Pittsburg, MO; 13. Jay Metcalfe, Rockwood, TN; 14. David Lester, Rockwood, TN; 15. Robby Reagan, Crossville, TN; 16. Wayne James, Cosby, TN DNS; 17. Chad Crain, Silver Point, TN DNS; 18. Amos Bunch, Wartburg, TN DNS.

B-HOBBY – 15 Laps: 1. Brady Lee, Knoxville, TN; 2. Jim Gilbert, Rossville, GA; 3. Kenneth Daniels, Spring City, TN; 4. Adrian Williams, Chattanooga, TN; 5. Gary Brown, Soddy Daisy, TN; 6. Jerry Spence, Spring City, TN; 7. Lloyd Singleton, Oliver Springs, TN.

THUNDER – 15 Laps: 1. Chris Williams, Soddy Daisy, TN; 2. Jonathan Sims, Knoxville, TN; 3. Casey Cash, Spring City, TN; 4. Adrian Smith, Albany, KY; 5. Zaniel Rogge, Spring City, TN; 6. Daniel Parker, Cleveland, TN; 7. Eric Honeycutt, Rockwood, TN; 8. Bobby Davenport, Crossville, TN; 9. Chase Hoffman, Dayton, TN DNS; 10. Jayden Woods, Spring City, TN DNS; 11. Malachi Yarger, Spring City, TN DNS.

FRONT-WHEEL-DRIVE – A FEATURE 15 Laps: 1. Nathan Adams, Crossville, TN; 2. Jacob Sharp, Crossville, TN; 3. Bo Millsaps, Decatur, TN; 4. Cody Rector, Crossville, TN; 5. Josh Scealf, Decatur, TN; 6. Joe Scealf, Decatur, TN; 7. Charlotte Jones, Decatur, TN; 8. Donnie Lowe, Spring City, TN; 9. Nick Adams, Crossville, TN; 10. Gene Clayton, Dayton, TN; 11. Carter Jolley, Spring City, TN; 12. Jason Brown, Deer Lodge, TN; 13. Lilly Qualls, Cleveland, TN; 14. Nick Romesburg, Sale Creek, TN; 15. Michael Albright, LaFollette, TN; 16. Ethan Johnson, Crossville, TN; 17. Andy Pilkey, Ten Mile, TN; 18. Joshua Phillips, Rossville, GA; 19. Matthew Sullivan, Cookeville, TN DNS. B FEATURE – 12 Laps: 1. Marcus Huston, Decatur, TN; 2. Nate Ingham, Athens, TN; 3. Zack Ricker, Niota, TN; 4. Dylan Crumbley, Dayton, TN; 5. Robert Creasman, Dayton, TN; 6. Christopher Gornik, Spring City, TN; 7. Krystin Webb, Spring City, TN; 8. Josh Rogers, Dayton, TN; 9. Allen Daniels, Decatur, TN; 10. Travis Millsaps, Decatur, TN; 11. William Beddingfield, Spring City, TN; 12. Jon Pilkey, Ten Mile, TN; 13. Chris Gornik, Spring City, TN; 14. Angel Jolley, Athens, TN; 15. Crystal Bates, Soddy Daisy, TN; 16. Henry Cligan, Dayton, TN; 17. Nathaniel Brown, Deer Lodge, TN; 18. Tony Rackler, Loudon, TN.

BEGINNER SPORTSMAN – 15 Laps: 1. Jason Pierce, Dayton, TN; 2. Charlie Fisher, Spring City, TN; 3. Johnny Vanover, Harriman, TN; 4. Jessica Bishop, Riceville, TN; 5. Luke Williams, Ringgold, GA; 6. Zoe Crabtree, Rockwood, TN; 7. Larry Samuelson, Evensville, TN; 8. Jasmine Thurman, Meade, KS; 9. Crystal Harper, Decatur, TN DNS.

JUNIOR FRONT-WHEEL-DRIVE – 10 Laps: 1. Frankie Sharp, Crossville, TN; 2. Steven Clowers, Englewood, TN; 3. Chevy Adams, Crossville, TN; 4. Blake Albright, LaFollette, TN; 5. Josiah Singleton, Oliver Springs, TN; 6. Emma Qualls, Cleveland, TN; 7. Ronnie Sharp, Crossville, TN.

PHOTO CUTLINE: FIRST WIN & FIRST KISS!! Nine-year-old Frankie Sharp of Crossville, TN gets smooch from Trophy Girl Tabatha Hufstetler after winning the 10-lap Junior Front-Wheel-Drive Feature Race Saturday night at Mountain View Raceway in Spring City, TN driving the Sharp Race Cars Chevrolet. The Junior Front-Wheel-Drive Division is for kids 15 years of age and younger where they can learn the correct way to learn how to race in a controlled and supervised environment. (Photo Courtesy of Tabatha Hufstetler)


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