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With the beginning of the race season fast approaching, everyone at Mountain View Raceway and the surrounding tracks have been prepping for the oncoming season. Among these preparations, new policies and ideas have been implemented. Most notably, Mountain View Raceway has started a new points program for this racing season called Lucky 7.

Lucky 7 is a racing points program developed by Mountain View Raceway that will allow all classes to have more freedom in their racing decisions. Each class will run a total of 7 points races throughout the season in order to try their hand at becoming points champion. This new Lucky 7 system is being implemented to each of the weekly classes that runs at Mountain View Raceway.

With this being said, Mountain View Raceway would like to clarify that there will still be races each weekend with the typical classes. The new points system will only affect the points races of the season. Additionally, with each class only having seven points races to compete in, the scheduling has been aligned to the races of nearby tracks as best as possible. All major race dates that could be found have been taken into consideration by the owners, the race director, and other staff. As always, schedule is subject to change.

Our new schedule will be uploaded shortly and, in order to simplify the process of the new points system, a new tab will be added to the website entitled “Lucky 7” with the dates for the points races for each class.

It is our hope at Mountain View Raceway to be innovative and inviting to all who wish to race, spectate, or work here. With the new season and new systems, we hope that all drivers are excited for the changes and the new opportunities. Thank you for your support, and we hope to see everyone at our first practice on March 4th, 2023!



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