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SPRING CITY, TN – Brandon Miller of Maryville, TN led wire-to-wire to win the $2,500 top prize in the Rocky Top Rumble 40 for the American All-Star Dirt Late Model Series Presented by PPM Race Products on Saturday night at Mountain View Raceway. Miller held off all challengers around the ¼-mile clay oval to take to victory in the DBM CVR.

The Mountain View Raceway defending Late Model Champion Barry Goodman of Spring City, TN came from the fifth starting spot to finish second in the Charlie’s Used Auto Parts CVR. Matt Henderson of Loudon, TN made it a top three sweep for CVR Race Cars, as he drove Chip Vineyard’s “House Car” to a third-place finish.

Trevor Sise of Knoxville, TN started tenth and finished third, and “Thugg Nasty” Logan Roberson of Dooms, VA came from the 15th starting hole to finish fifth. Bradley Lewelling of Seymour, TN took the sixth spot, and Jesse Lowe of Crossville, TN was the Hard Charger of the race after starting 24th and last for the main event and finishing seventh.

Sylvan Schuette of Blairsville, GA was eighth and Zach Sise of Knoxville, TN, who was the Fast Qualifier among 30-car field, came back from a mid-race crash while running second to finish ninth. Ethan Hunter of Harrison, TN rounded out the top ten.

In other preliminary action, Miller earned the pole position for the main event by winning the Fast Car Dash, and the three Heat Races were won by Lewelling, Chris Chandler of Weaverville, NC, and Hayden Cardwell of Knoxville, TN. The B-Main Race was won by Andrew Littleton of Chatsworth, GA.

Addison Cardwell of Knoxville, TN won the 20-lap Sportsman main event in the Cardwell Racing Special and Johnny Hughes of Graysville, TN took the victory in the B-Hobby feature race in the Hughes Racing Special. Clayton Forsyth of Crossville, TN drove the Forsyth Motorsports Chevelle to victory in the 15-lap Thunder feature race.

Nick Adams of Crossville, TN topped a 25-car field to win the 15-lap Front-Wheel-Drive main event driving the Grave Digger Chevrolet HHR and the pair of 15-lap Beginner Sportsman main events were won by Brandon Godsey of Crossville, TN in the Godsey Racing Special and Bradley Goodman of Spring City, TN in the Goody’s Power Sweeping Rocket.

Mountain View Raceway returns to action on Saturday night, April 10 with a Regular Weekly Points Night for the Late Model, Sportsman, Beginner Sportsman, Open-Wheel Modified, B-Hobby, Thunder Front-Wheel-Drive, and Dwarf Divisions. The Pit Gate opens at 3 p.m. and the Grandstand Gate opens at 4 p.m. The Drivers Meeting is at 5:45, and Racing is scheduled for 6 p.m.

Mountain View Raceway where you can get “Your Thrill By The Hill” is located at 20626 Rhea County Highway (U.S. Highway 27), Spring City, TN 37381. For more information, call 423-507-2619 or visit the track website at You can also like the Mountain View Raceway Facebook page at


AMERICAN ALL-STAR DIRT LATE MODEL SERIES PRESENTED BY PPM RACE PRODUCTS – 40 LAPS: 1. Brandon Miller, Maryville, TN; 2. Barry Goodman, Spring City, TN; 3. Matt Henderson, Loudon, TN; 4. Trevor Sise, Knoxville, TN; 5. Logan Roberson, Dooms, VA; 6. Bradley Lewelling, Seymour, TN; 7. Jesse Lowe, Crossville, TN; 8. Sylvan Schuette, Blairsville, GA; 9. Zach Sise, Knoxville, TN; 10. Ethan Hunter, Harrison, TN; 11. William Blankenship, McMinnville, TN; 12. Ruben Mayfield, Lenoir City, TN; 13. Terry Poore, Seymour, TN; 14. Josh Collins, Knoxville, TN; 15. Jordan Hedger, Crittenden, KY; 16. Chis Chandler, Weaverville, NC; 17. Ross White, Knoxville, TN; 18. Andrew Littleton, Chatsworth, GA; 19. Rusty Ballenger, Sevierville, TN; 20. Tyler Arrington, Lebanon, VA; 21. Hayden Cardwell, Knoxville, TN; 22. Jadon Frame, Decherd, TN; 23. Josh Henry, Newport, TN; 24. Jeff Jackson, Ooltewah, TN. DNS: Hayden Ownbey, Cleveland, TN; Michael Bland, Pineville, WV; Josh Baker, Morristown, TN; Booger Brooks, Chattanooga, TN; John Dalton, Newport, TN; Daylon Martin, Cleveland, TN.

SPORTSMAN – 20 Laps: 1. Addison Cardwell, Knoxville, TN; 2. Zach Shannon, Wartburg, TN; 3. Aaron Watson, Dayton, TN’ 4. David Doss, Cleveland, TN; 5. Aaron Jones, Mosheim, TN’ 6. Jeremy Shannon, Wartburg, TN; 7. John Smith, Soddy Daisy, TN; 8. Tyler Nichols, Ringgold, GA; 9. Chris Lewis, Lenoir City, TN; 10. Dale Page, Rock Island, TN; 11. Nicholas Shelton, Newport, TN; 12. Tyler Dennis, Dayton, TN; 13. Rusty Carraway, Dayton, TN; 14. Donnie Van Winkle, Soddy Daisy, TN; 15. Bob Hulgan, Dayton, TN; 16. Dylan Cole, Chattanooga, TN; 17. Scottie Hogan, Decatur, TN; 18. Corey Lawless, Dalton, GA; DNS D.J. Shannon, Wartburg, TN.

B HOBBY – 10 Laps: 1. Johnny Hughes, Graysville, TN; 2. Brady Lee, Knoxville, TN; 3. Cody Walden, Athens, TN; 4. David Beeler, Sevierville, TN; 5. Lamar Hughes, Soddy Daisy, TN; DNS Eric Hughes, Graysville, TN.

THUNDER – 15 Laps: 1. Clayton Forsyth, Crossville TN; 2. Eric Honeycutt, Rockwood, TN; 3. Scott Smith, Soddy Daisy, TN; 4. Chris Williams, Soddy Daisy, TN; 5. Cody Satterfield, Knoxville, TN; 6. Chase Hoffman, Dayton, TN; 7. Bobby Davenport, Crossville, TN; 8 Michael Jenkins, Loudon, TN; 9. Nick Jones, Knoxville, TN; 10. Toby Temple, Crossville, TN; DNS: Nate Hicks, Spring City, TN; Spencer Walton, Crossville, TN.

FRONT-WHEEL-DRIVE – 15 Laps: 1. Nick Adams, Crossville, TN; 2. Nathan Adams, Crossville, TN; 3. Jacob Sharp, Crossville, TN; 4. Jason Crowder, Loudon, TN; 5. Billy Long, Niota, TN; 6. Brandon Crawford, Knoxville, TN; 7. Tyler Walton, Crossville, TN; 8. Jordan West, Oneida, TN; 9. Jack Gresham, Decatur, TN; 10. Guy Ingham, Athens, TN; 11. William Beddingfield, Decatur, TN; 12. Greg Jolley, Loudon, TN; 13. Chris Miller, Dayton, TN; 14. Samuel King, Decatur, TN; 15. Krystin Webb, Spring City, TN; 16. Kenneth Daniels, Spring City, TN; 17. Allen Daniels, Decatur, TN; 18. Ranald Daniels, Spring City, TN; 19. Nate Ingham, Athens, TN; 20. Josh Scealf, Decatur, TN; 21. Trey Floyd, Maryville, TN; 22. Fabe Herbert, Crossville, TN; DNS: Joe Scealf, Decatur, TN; Bradley Owens, Knoxville, TN.

BEGINNER SPORTSMAN FEATURE 1 – 15 Laps: 1. Brandon Godsey, Crossville, TN; 2. Mike Levi, Cleveland, TN; 3. Christian James, Soddy Daisy, TN; 4. Jeremy Thurman, Rockwood, TN; 5. Cody Youngblood, Rockwood, TN; 6. Larry Samuelson, Evensville, TN; 7. Dennis Grable, Spring City, TN; 8. Cory Russell, Louden, TN; DNS Earl Jordan, Dayton, TN.

BEGINNER SPORTSMAN FEATURE 2 – 15 Laps: 1. Bradley Goodman, Spring City, TN; 2. Joel Gordon, Chatsworth, GA; 3. David Peak, Evensville, TN; 4. Whitlee Lawless, Dalton, GA; 5. Danielle Loner, Tunnel Hill, GA; 6. Steve Eddington, Etowah, TN; 7. Tyler Loden, Spring City, TN; DNS: Billy Grigsby, Rockwood, TN; Josh Rogers, Dayton, TN.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Brandon Miller of Maryville, TN in the DBM CVR #89 leads the pack on the way to a $2,500 victory in the Rocky Top Rumble 40 for the American All-Star Dirt Late Model Series Presented by PPM Race Products on Saturday night at Mountain View Raceway in Spring City, TN. (Scott Seward Photo)


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Unknown member
Apr 26, 2021

ove over and let barry goodman up there losers he can kick yalls butt wait till he puts the big motor in he is running crate right now so take that he be runnin crate and wooping half of yall runnin big motors he is clearly better than all of yall🏎️

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