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Hunter Wins In Back To Back Weeks June 13, 2020

By: Thomas Montgomery

Spring City, TN (June 13) – Another Saturday night of racing action was held at Mountain View Raceway in Spring City, TN. Another good car count and the fan count in the grandstands and tier parking was excellent. After 4 weeks of action, it looks like it’s going to be a good year for the inaugural year of the rejuvenated raceway.

The 604 Late Models were on the schedule, and 19 drivers signed in. In qualifying it was #29 Rusty Ballenger setting fast time with a lap of 11.267. At the start of the 30-lap feature it was last weeks winner in the Late Model class, #15 Ethan Hunter jumping into the lead with Ballenger in his tire tracks. The battle in the feature was wild and crazy as cars were battling for every spot they could get. On lap 12, #3 Brian Pritchard lost a possible top five finish as his car slowed on the track. Each time as the cars took the restart Hunter would get a good jump on Ballenger. Even through slower traffic, Hunter kept a good distance between himself and Ballenger and #32 William Blankenship, who was running strong in third, right behind the second place car. Hunter went on for the flag-to-flag win for his second win of the year at the track. Ballenger finished in second in his first time at the track this year, Blankenship finished in third, #144 Josh Collinsn was fourth, and #07A Addison Cardwell rounded out the top five. Finishing sixth through tenth was #38 Jamie Oliver, #24 Barry Goodman, #33 Michael Evans (who started 15th), #5 Mark Todd, and #00 Ruben Mayfield.

In the Sportsman class it was #17J Justin Cameron setting fast time in the 16 car field with a lap of 11.477. Starting along side of Cameron on was 2-time winner, #14 Sylvan Schuette. Cameron jumped into the lead at the start of the scheduled 20-lap feature. The feature was a caution filled affair, as the cars were battling tough on the 1/4-mile bullring. The scariest part of the night’s racing came when #40H Hunter Kerr and #8 Randy Hicks were battling for a position in the top 10. Kerr and Hicks got together, with Kerr rolling over on the front straightaway going into turn one. Kerr was fine and walked away from the incident. The race ended on a green-white-checkered finish due to the time limit running out on the race. Cameron got a clean jump on Schuette and cruised to his first win of the year. Schuette finish a 1/2-second behind the winner at the stripe, ending his 2 race win streak. #56 Andy Standridge finished in third, #4 Nick Bowling was fourth, and #629 Landon Gentry rounded out the top five. Rounding out the top ten was #287 David Doss, #C3 Dylan Cole, #27 Mikey Roberts, #D4 Dennis Shaver, and Hicks.

The B-Sportsman class got bigger this week, as 11 cars signed in for competition. In qualifying it was #13 Dylan Morgan setting fast time with a lap of 11. 647. Morgan jumped into the lead at the start of the feature with #6 Kevin Fisher in second. Morgan would lead until the halfway point, when he went too high in turn four and Fisher, along with #5 Tyler Dixon, got by him by the time he got his car back under control. Fisher would go on and lead the final few laps for the win. Dixon was second, Morgan third, #D4 Zach Crager finished in fourth, and #J28 Christian James rounded out the top five.

The B-Hobby class saw #BR549 Cody Moffett and #15 Lamar Hughes win the heat races. The feature saw Moffett jump into the lead, with #20 Eric Hughes in high pursuit. This was the third different Hughes brother to drive the #20 car this year, and the first three races were won by this car. On lap 5 Lamar Hughes, last weeks feature winner in the #20 car went to the pits, ending his night. Moffett would stay strong throughout the feature, as he went on to his first feature win of the year. Eric Hughes finished second, #13 DJ McMahan crossed the stripe in third, #B12 Buck Hoffman fourth, and #28 Spencer Wells rounded out the top five.

In Thunder action, it was once again the Dirty #30 Jonathan Sims winning his heat race, and dominating the 18 lap feature for his third straight win at the track. #8W Blake Wright won the other heat race, and finished a distant second in the feature. Third was #52 Clayton Forsythe, #63 Orion Mount was fourth, and #17 Spencer Walton III rounded out the top five.

There was a new winner in the 4-Cylinder class, as #27 Joe Freels won the heat race and the feature for his first win of the year. #D1 Nathon Davis finished in second, #2B Shane Bullock was third, #97 Rodney Griffin fourth, and #46 Ricky Harmon rounded out the top five.

In the Front Wheel Dives, it was #21 Dustin Duncan and #18 James Burnette winning the heat races. Duncan jumped into the lead at the start of the feature. On lap 6, Duncan’s night would end, as he took his car to the pits. This gave the lead to Burnette, and he held off a hard charging #N90 Nick Adams for his first win of the year. Third was #1 Jacob Sharp, who started the feature at the rear of the field, and came on strong and finished in third. #A93 Nathon Adam finished in fourth, and #B21 Dusty Branstetter rounded out the top five.

The Sharp Mini-Late Models was in action this week, and in the heat race it was #113 Jack Orr winning the heat race. In the 15-lap feature, Orr led every lap except the last one as his car slowed, allowing #32 Smiley Fields to get by for the win. Coming home in second was #6M Dakota Morris, third was Orr, #51H Heath Seaton finished in fourth, and #54J Harvey Johnson rounded out the top five.

Next Saturday night (June 20), Mountain View Raceway will be holdiing the first Southern Racing Throwback Weekend. It will be just $5 to get into the grandstands and tier parking for ages 6 & up. 5 & under are free. The pits will only cost $15 to enter. The Classic cars will be in action, as well as the Late Model, Sportsman, B-Sportsman, B-Hobby, Thunder, 4-Cylinder, and FWD classes. Wear your old racing t-shirts and we will have some vintage racecars to look at. Check out the website on, or Facebook at Mountain View Raceway for all the information you need. So come join us next Saturday night as we bring back the past at the new Mountain View Raceway.


1. 15 Ethan Hunter 2. 29 Rusty Ballenger 3. 32 Wiliam Blankenship 4. 144 Josh Collins 5. A07 Addison Cardwell 6. 38 Jamie Oliver 7. 24 Barry Goodman 8. 33 Michael Evans 9. 5 Mark Todd 10. 00 Ruben Mayfield 11. 22 Jamison Earley 12. 17D Nathan Dover 13. 3 Todd Gregory 14. 24 Greg Martin 15. 12 Drew Deaver 16. 3 Brian Pritchard 17. 13 Randall Addison 18. 7 Daniel Johnston 19. J29 Jerry Hendrix

Fast Time: 29 Rusty Ballenger 11.267


1. 17J Justin Cameron 2. 14 Sylvan Schuette 3. 56 Andy Standridge 4. 4 Nick Bowling 5. 629 Landon Gentry 6. 287 David Doss 7. C3 Dylan Cole 8. 27 Mikey Roberts 9. D4 Dennis Shaver 10. 8 Randy Hicks 11. 40H Hunter Kerr 12. R9 Dillon Peterman 13. 67 Chris Peak 14. 11 Don Vanwinkle 15. 73 Brad Douglas 16. 10R Rick Standridge

Fast Time: 17J Justin Cameron 11.477


1. 6 Kevin Fisher 2. 5 Tyler Dixson 3. 13 Dylan Morgan 4. D4 Zach Crager 5. J28 Christian James 6. 10R Chris Standridge 7. 76 David Peak 8. 19 Sam Oakley 9. 54 Earl Jordan 10. 6C Chandler Hickman 11. 00G Brandon Godsey

Fast Time: 13 Dylan Morgan 11.647


1. BR549 Cody Moffett 2. 20 Eric Hughes 3. 13 DJ McMahan 4. B12 Buck Hoffman 5. 28 Spencer Wells 6. 187 Nate Hicks 7. 15 Lamar Hughes DNS: 23 Don McCourt

Heat Winners: 1. BR549 Cody Moffett 2. 15 Lamar Hughes


1. 30 Jonathon Sims 2. 8W Blake Wright 3. 52 Clayton Forsythe 4. 63 Orion Mount 5. 17 Spencer Walton III 6. 3C Rusty Colbaugh 7. 19 Tiff Stephens

3 Feature Race Wins In A Row For Jonathon Sims

Heat Winners: 1. 8W Blake Wright 2. 30 Jonathon Sims


1. 27 Joe Freels 2. D1 Nathon Davis 3. 2B Shane Bullock 4. 97 Rodney Griffin 5. 46 Ricky Harmon 6. 2 William Suggs

Heat Winner: 27 Joe Freels


1. 18 James Burnette 2. N90 Nick Adams 3. 1 Jacob Sharp 4. A93 Nathon Adams 5. B21 Dusty Branstetter 6. J19 JJ Scholl 7. 13B Greg Jolly 8. 11 Tyler Walton 9. 13 Jason Crowder 10. 21 Dustin Duncan DNS: P15 Larry Patterson DNS: 526 Josh Davis

Heat Winners: 1. 21 Dustin Duncan 2, 18 James Barnett


1. 32 Smiley Fields 2. 6M Dakota Morris 3. 113 Jack Orr 4. 51H Heath Seaton 5. 54J Harvey Johnson 6. 13 Jack Orr Jr DNS: 1X Carl Lovelace

Heat Winner: 113 Jack Orr



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