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SPRING CITY, TN – Billy Hogan of Chattanooga, TN picked up the $2,000 top prize in the 100-lap Enduro Race on Saturday night at Mountain View Raceway in Spring City, TN driving his #14 Ford Crown Victoria. Hogan was declared the winner in the Post-Race Tech Inspection after the apparent winner Jerry Coffman of Soddy Daisy, TN refused to sell his car after it was claimed.

Hogan moved up from second-place, three laps down, to the Winner’s Circle over the 36-car field with Coffman’s refusal to sell. William Floyd Jr, of Maryville, TN finished second and third went to Jason Cook of Ooltewah, TN. Josh Cook of Birchwood, TN was fourth and Zach Stanfield of Cleveland, TN rounded out the top five.

There was a total of 150 race cars from four different states in eight different Divisions that jammed into Mountain View Raceway’s pit area to compete in front of a packed Grandstand at what the fans voted as the Best Race Track in Tennessee in a Poll on the Tennessee Racing Facebook Page. The seven Mountain View Raceway Weekly Racing Divisions were also in action with the Enduro.

John Ownbey of Cleveland, TN drove the Orr Brothers Construction Kryptonite to his third straight 20-lap Late Model win at Mountain View Raceway and his fourth victory of the season on the ¼-mile high-banked clay oval. Josh Collins of Knoxville, TN finished second in the Knoxville Diesel Rocket.

The defending Mountain View Raceway Late Model Champion Barry Goodman of Spring City, TN took the third spot in the Charlie’s Used Auto Parts CVR and fourth went to Sean Truelove of Cleveland, TN in the Levi Racing Rocket. Cory Bettis of Delano, TN rounded out the top five in the Bettis Racing Special.

Matt Steward of Hixon, TN won the 15-lap Sportsman Feature Race driving the Steward Racing Special. Hayden Ownbey of Cleveland, TN failed to match his Dad with his third straight win, falling one spot short after taking second in the Ownbey Racing Special. Sylvan Schuette of Blairsville, GA was third in the Fast Fab Set-Up and Design Longhorn.

Tyler Jolley of Spring City, TN won the 15-lap Beginner Sportsman Main Event in the Jolley Racing Special. Dustin Bunch of Rocky Top, TN finished second in the Bunch Racing Special and Tyler Loden of Spring City, TN took the third spot in the Lashes and Waxing By Paige GRT.

Travis Sietsema of Crossville, TN was the winner of the 15-lap Open-Wheel Modified Feature Race in the Tee’s Home Improvement LG2. Robby Reagan of Crossville, TN was second in the Jackson Outdoors Lightning and the third spot went to Josh Stoglin of Sparta, TN in the Stoglin Racing Special.

Eric Hughes of Graysville, TN drove the Hughes Farms Monte Carlo to victory in the 15-lap B-Hobby Feature Race. Jim Gilbert of Rossville, GA finished second in the Rat Rod Chevelle and Lynn Moffett of Niota, TN took the third spot in the BR549 Junior Samples Auto Sales Special.

Spencer Walton of Crossville, TN was the winner in the 15-lap Thunder Main Event driving the Kennedy Siding Monte Carlo. The second spot went to Bobby Davenport of Crossville, TN in the Davenport Racing Special with Jonathan Caldwell of Tuscumbia, AL taking third in the Southeast Axle Repair Monte Carlo.

A field of 28 Front-Wheel-Drive entries forced a pair of 15-lap Feature Races. The first Main event was won by Nathan Adams of Crossville, TN in the Adams Racing Special. Second and third respectively were Matthew Sullivan of Cookeville, TN in the Sullivan Racing Chevrolet and Chad Carter of Tullahoma, TN driving the Carter Racing Honda.

Jacob Sharp of Crossville, TN drove the Sharp Race Cars Chevrolet to victory in the second 15-lap Front-Wheel-Drive Main Event. Nick Adams of Crossville, TN finished second in the Grave Digger HHR Chevrolet and Joe Scealf of Decatur, TN took the third spot in the J&S Towing Chevrolet.

The Sportsman Division at Mountain View Raceway will honor an East Tennessee Dirt Racing Legend with the $3,000-to-win Inaugural Sam Williams Memorial 40 this Saturday night. The race will also feature Lap Prizes at $25 a lap to make the race a possible $4,000-to-win. The Mountain View Raceway Sportsman Division rules are available at

This Saturday night’s event at Mountain View Raceway will also feature Weekly Point Races with Double Points for the Late Model, Open-Wheel Modified, B-Hobby, Thunder and Front-Wheel Drive Divisions. The Beginner Sportsman Division will also be in action this Saturday night. As always, there will be plenty of activities for the Kids and their will be a huge Fireworks Show.

On Saturday at Mountain View Raceway, the Pit Gate opens at 3 p.m., and the Grandstand/Tier Parking Gates opens at 4 p.m. Pre-Race Technical Inspection and Registration will be from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and the Drivers Meeting is set for 5:45 p.m., with Racing scheduled for 6 p.m. Ticket prices for the Pits, Grandstand and Tier Parking will be announced.

Mountain View Raceway where you can get “Your Thrill By The Hill” is located at 20626 Rhea County Highway (U.S. Highway 27), Spring City, TN 37381. For more information, call 423-507-2619 or visit the track website at You can also like the Mountain View Raceway Facebook page at


ENDURO – 100 Laps: 1. Billy Hogan, Chattanooga, TN: 2. William Floyd Jr., Maryville, TN; 3. Jason Cook, Ooltewah, TN; 4. Josh Cook, Birchwood, TN; 5. Zach Stanfield, Cleveland, TN; 6. Tyler Walton, Crossville, TN; 7. Steven Hurley, Crossville, TN; 8. Billy Smith Jr., Harriman, TN; 9. David Yother, Rockwood, TN; 10. Justin McClain, Sparta, TN; 11. Carl Daniels, Dayton, TN; 12. John Burger, Chattanooga, TN; 13. Daniel Quarles, Birchwood, TN; 14. Jonathan Allen, Cookeville, TN; 15. Travis Banther, Harriman, TN; 16. Joey Reynolds, Rockwood, TN; 17. Todd Hawn, Oliver Springs, TN; 18. Tony Rackler, Loudon, TN; 19. Bradley Douglas, Dayton, TN; 20. Greg Shannon, Spring City, TN; 21. Lamar Hughes, Soddy Daisy, TN; 22. Thomas Dousis, Lenoir City, TN; 23. Blake Hall, Philadelphia, TN; 24. Jack Gresham, Decatur, TN; 25. Austin Breedlove, Baxter, TN; 26. Zach Roderick, Athens, TN; 27. Thomas Roberts, Baxter, TN; 28. Willie Yates, Harriman, TN; 29. Josh Lemley, Harriman, TN; 30. Jeff Monger, Loudon, TN; 31. Brandon Jones, Crossville, TN; 32. Michael Cooper, Crossville, TN; 33. Jonathan Brogdon, Loudon. TN; 34. Daniel Grable, Spring City, TN, DNS; 35. Rick Webb, Dayton, TN DNS; 36. Jerry Coffman, Soddy Daisy, TN, DQ.

LATE MODEL – 20 Laps: 1. John Ownbey, Cleveland, TN; 2. Josh Collins, Knoxville, TN; 3. Barry Goodman, Spring City, TN; 4. Sean Truelove, Cleveland, TN; 5. Cory Bettis, Delano, TN; 6. Jordan Horton, New Tazewell, TN; 7. Micah Jones, Knoxville, TN; 8. Kelvin White, Madisonville, TN; 9. Randall Hicks, Cleveland, TN; 10. Joe Bray, New Tazewell, TN; 11. Christopher Peak, Evensville, TN; 12. Mike Bishop, Decatur, TN; 13. Brian Selby, Sparta, TN; 14. Jerry Hendrix, Chattanooga, TN.

SPORTSMAN – 15 Laps: 1. Matt Steward, Hixson, TN; 2. Hayden Ownbey, Cleveland, TN; 3. Sylvan Schuette, Blairsville, GA; 4. Joe Bray, New Tazewell, TN; 5. David Doss, Cleveland, TN; 6. Chris McKinney, Harriman, TN; 7. Donnie Van Winkle, Soddy Daisy, TN; 8. John Smith, Soddy Daisy, TN; 9. Tyler Dennis, Dayton, TN; 10. Dustin Golden, Chattanooga, TN; 11. Joey Standridge, Tellico Plains, TN; 12. Aaron Watson, Dayton, TN; 13. A.J. Russell, Kingston, TN; 14. Bobby Doss, Cleveland, TN; 15. Bradley Douglas, Dayton, TN; 16. Bradley Goodman, Spring City, TN; 17. Jeremy Hicks, Cleveland, TN; 18. Josh Walker, Ringgold, GA; 19. Trent Turner, Crossville, TN; 20. Jamie Singleton, Tazewell, TN; 21. Jason Crowe, Decatur, TN DNS.

BEGINNER SPORTSMAN – 15 Laps: 1. Tyler Jolley, Spring City, TN; 2. Dustin Bunch, Rocky Top, TN; 3. Tyler Loden, Spring City, TN; 4. David Peak, Evensville, TN; 5. Adam Bishop, Riceville, TN; 6. Christian James, Soddy Daisy, TN; 7. Scott Queen, Dayton, TN; 8. Jeremy Thurman, Rockwood, TN; 9. Adrian Williams, Chattanooga, TN; 10. Hunter Carey, Madisonville, TN; 11. Cody Youngblood, Rockwood, TN; 12. Terry Painter, Etowah, TN; 13. Justin Fairbanks, Hixson, TN DNS; 14. Jeff Gaither, Dayton, TN DNS; 15, Earl Jordan, Dayton, TN DNS.

OPEN-WHEEL MODIFIED – 15 Laps: 1. Travis Sietsema, Crossville, TN; 2. Robby Reagan, Crossville, TN; 3. Josh Stoglin, Sparta, TN; 4. Billy Palmer, Knoxville, TN; 5. Joe Freels, Coalfield, TN; 6. Bobby Williams, Dunnsville, KY; 7. Kyle Shadden, Dayton, TN; 8. Joseph Portman, Albany, KY; 9. Walter Walsh, Claxton, TN; 10. Justan Parker, Spring City, TN; 11. Larry James, Newport, TN; 12. David Lester, Rockwood, TN; 13. Kyle Neal, Columbia, KY; 14. Jacob Pendleton, Dunnsville, KY DNS.

B-HOBBY – 15 Laps: 1. Eric Hughes, Graysville, TN; 2. Jim Gilbert, Rossville, GA; 3. Lynn Moffett, Niota, TN; 4. David Beeler, Sevierville, TN; 5. Johnny Hughes, Graysville, TN; 6. Kenneth Daniels, Spring City, TN; 7. Tyler Dennis, Dayton, TN; 8. Hunter Jenkins, Sweetwater, TN DNS.

THUNDER – 15 Laps: 1. Spencer Walton, Crossville, TN; 2. Bobby Davenport, Crossville, TN; 3. Jonathan Caldwell, Tuscumbia, AL; 4. Bunkin Wyrick, Kingston, TN; 5. Chris Williams, Soddy Daisy, TN; 6. Colby Yarger, Spring City, TN; 7. Gary Brown, Soddy Daisy, TN; 8. Daniel Parker, Cleveland, TN; 9. Tony Tankersley, Spring City, TN; 10. Scott Smith, Soddy Daisy, TN; 11. Nate Hicks, Spring City, TN; 12. Clayton Forsyth, Crossville, TN; 13. Cody Satterfield, Knoxville, TN DNS.

FRONT-WHEEL-DRIVE – Feature 1 – 15 Laps: 1. Nathan Adams, Crossville, TN; 2. Matthew Sullivan, Cookeville, TN; 3. Chad Carter, Tullahoma, TN; 4. Savanna Merriman, Maryville, TN; 5. Lilly Qualls, Cleveland, TN; 6. Greg Jolley, Loudon, TN; 7. Cody Rector, Crossville, TN; 8. William Beddingfield, Spring City, TN; 9. Bryson Elliott, Knoxville, TN; 10. Allen Daniels, Decatur, TN; 11. Dakota Leffew, Decatur, TN; 12. Johnathon Evans, Sweetwater, TN; 13. Evon Alley, Spring City, TN DNS; 14. Josh Scealf, Decatur, TN DNS. Feature 2 – 15 Laps: 1. Jacob Sharp, Crossville, TN; 2. Nick Adams, Crossville, TN; 3. Joe Scealf, Decatur, TN; 4. Shaun Massey, Athens, TN; 5. Bo Millsaps, Decatur, TN; 6. Jack Gresham, Decatur, TN; 7. Nate Ingham, Athens, TN; 8. Ronald Daniels, Spring City, TN; 9. Jacob Price, Madisonville, TN; 10. Steven Ellison, Rockwood, TN; 11. Samuel King, Decatur, TN; 12. Kenneth Daniels, Spring City, TN; 13. Dylan Crumbley, Dayton, TN; 14. Krystin Webb, Spring City, TN.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Billy Hogan of Chattanooga, TN picked up the $2,000 top prize in the 100-lap Enduro Race on Saturday night at Mountain View Raceway in Spring City, TN driving his #14 Ford Crown Victoria. Hogan was declared the winner in the Post-Race Technical Inspection after the apparent winner Jerry Coffman of Soddy Daisy, TN, who had a three lap margin of victory on Hogan, refused to sell his car after it was claimed. (Mountain View Raceway Media Photo by Greg Farmer)


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