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On behalf of Mountain View Raceway, and in coordination with Contingency Connection, we would like to wish everyone happy holidays and a Merry Christmas! And what better way for drivers, crew chiefs, and race teams to celebrate than with FREE parts!

It’s easy to register for ALL Contingency Connection Sweepstakes at one time! Simply Email and include 1. Your Name and/or Shop Name 2. Racetrack 3. Class or Eliminator That’s it and you will be entered to win ALL sweepstakes. Final days to enter…


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As a beginner investor, the terms "bull market" and "bear market" used to intimidate me. I associated the former with the excitement of high stock prices and the latter with the fear of market crashes. However, as I gained more experience and knowledge, I learned that both markets can present opportunities for success .

During a bull market, I focused on investing in stocks with strong fundamentals and growth potential. This allowed me to ride the upward trend and reap the rewards of increasing stock prices. On the other hand, during a bear market, I saw the opportunity to buy high-quality stocks at discounted prices. By investing during the downturn, I was able to take advantage of the eventual…

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