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Attention Racers!

With the second race of the points series under our belts, it’s finally starting to feel like race season is in full swing. And with this, we cannot forget that Contingency Connection is in full swing as well. As some of you may remember, we took part of the Contingency Connection last year and awarded many drivers with thousands of dollars in prizes!

We will be resuming this specialty program with Racer Rewards Coupon Magazines(with almost $4,000 in discounts all in one spot), sponsored races, and much more!

Make sure to check with the scalehouse for stickers from the participating companies and to keep an eye out for our special sponsored races! This includes Race Gas “Get Your Gas in Gear” night, Melling Race Weekend, Hawk Outbreak night and the Richmond Weekend Warriors from last weekend! (Shout out to Jathan Campbell in Sportsman and Tommy Miller in Late Model for being our winners of the Richmond Weekend goody boxes!)

Also, make sure to check out or follow Contingency Connection on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

We at Mountain View Raceway are doing all we can to ensure safe and quality racing and hope that you continue to support us and the businesses involved in Contingency




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