The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.




  1. Any American made rear wheel drive car only.

  2. Stock steel or aluminum sheet metal bodies allowed. Must be stock appearing for car being claimed.

  3. Must have stock appearing nose, NO wedge noses or asphalt ASA type late model noses allowed.

  4. NO flat roofs. Must be stock appearing. Fiberglass or aluminum stock appearing roofs ok. NO bubble or late model appearing roof supports, must match car being claimed. Roof can have no more than 4 inches of rake from front to rear. NO station wagon roofs of any kind.

  5. Flat top decking allowed. Must have 15 in. window opening on both sides, max. height allowed is 40 in., max. width is 65 in., no more than 6 in. of rake from dash to spoiler.

  6. Stock or steel floor pan with steel firewall mandatory. Passengers side can be open. Unibody cars must maintain complete floor pans to center of rearend. Cockpit must be sealed of front and rear for safety purposes.

  7. 8 in. spoiler MA. 8 in. of flat surface by 65 in. wide. NO more than 3 supports. Must match spoiler. See diagram!

  8. Rear tail section must be enclosed with sheet of no less than 8 in. of flat material. NO air gaps or holes of any kind allowed.




  1. Any American made rear wheel drive frame allowed, NO 1955 frames with Camaro clips allowed, must be to factory specification, no narrowing or shortening of side rails, frame must extend from steering wheel box to center of rear end, unibodied cars (Camaro, Nova) can be tied together at front to rear with no more than 2 x 2 box tubing but must have factory frame to center of rear end. Must have full roll cage front to rear with full halo bar overhead and must be welded in at least 6 places in center cage, min. 3 door bars on driver’s side and 2 on passenger’s side welded together with vertical supports, fuel cell must have bars protecting rear side in case of rear impact. Rub bars allowed but must stay inside of doors, no bars or screws exiting car at any time.

  2. Car must run factory production suspension, coil spring, Camaro and Nova must run multi-leafs

  3. 2 x 3 box tubing allowed only behind rear end for mounting fuel cell, no round tubing in frame rails of any kind

  4. All O.E.M factory suspension mounts must remain in stock location with the exception of the upper A-frame mounts which can be altered

  5. Right rear frame rail must remain stock but can be narrowed or altered no more than 2 in. for clearance.

  6. No box or round tube frame or home made frames allowed, O.E.M. factory production only, no exceptions



  1. All O.E.M. type suspension only, steering box, center link, idler arm, etc. must remain stock, tie rods can be tube type with hyms on the spindle arms only, aftermarket steering shaft allowed, no rack and pinion steering permitted, steering quickeners allowed.

  2. Stock O.E.M. factory type spindles only, speedway 3 pcs factory replacement spindles allowed, steel rotors and steel calipers only, must have 4-wheel brakes, right front brake shuts off permitted.

  3. Tube upper A-frames allowed with stock O.E.M. Lower A-frames only, no aftermarket lowers, no exceptions.

  4. Steel and/or solid motor mounts allowed

  5. Engine set back is num. one spark plug must be even with top ball joints, ½ in. tolerance

  6. Aftermarket pedals allowed with brake adjuster, aftermarket gas pedal, shifter, quick release steering wheel ok.

  7. Any factory production aluminum seat allowed with head rest, no fiberglass, plastic, or home made seats of any kind

  8. Any 4 point (5 point recommended) safety harness allowed, must be in date 3 years or will be deemed illegal, all date tags must be on belts or will be ruled illegal, if belts are older than 3 years must be approved by track for safety for a limited time period

  9. Any O.E.M. type rear end allowed, 9 in. ford ok, 9 in. ford floater rear ends are allowed and recommended, steel rotors with stock style steel caliper only, no quick changes of any kind

  10. Upper and lower trailing arms must be mounted in the stock location on frame, lowers must be stock but can have steel or rubber bushings, must keep stock lengths, uppers can be adjustable tubes with hyms for pinion angle but must mount in the stock location on frame

  11. Rear end can have multiple holes in trailing arm brackets to adjust rear end but must be in stock location on frame at all times with stock lowers

  12. Jackbolts allowed front and rear

  13. Spring buckets allowed in rear in factory location only

  14. Max. 5 ½ diameter springs allowed in front and min. 5 in. springs allowed in rear

  15. Racing shocks allowed, one shock per wheel, oil shocks only welded bearing, no gas shocks or Schrader valves or adjustable shocks allowed of any kind, 90/10 dampening shock allowed on leaf spring cars only and must be mounted on top of rear end.

  16. No three link, half leafs, panard bars, straight bars, j-bars, liftarms, pull bars, of any kind, must run factory 4 link configuration only, any other type of suspension besides multi-leaf will be ruled illegal

  17. Any steel multi-leaf springs allowed, no fiberglass or carbon fiber, adjustable lowering blocks ok, slider boxes and/or adjustable shackles ok

  18. Any fuel cell allowed, must be encased in no less than 22 gauge steel with 1/16th x 2 in straps that wrap around bottom and top of cell, no boat tanks, plastic, rubber, or aluminum tanks that are not enclosed of any kind

  19. Steel driveshafts only, no aluminum or carbon fiber allowed, driveshaft must be painted white for safety purposes, must have no less than 2 driveshaft loops that covers the driveshaft at front and rear

  20. All ballast weight must be securely fastened with ½ in. bolts or weight clamps and be painted white with the car number on them, any car that loses weight on track due to not properly mounted will be disqualified from the event and loses all monies for the night.


Open tire rule in the fronts and Hoosier 1600s, American Racers 56 on both rear corners allowed, can be grooved and sipped and ground, must punch 50 after all heat and feature events, no chemical treatment, or softening of any kind, no tolerance, side plating must be visible to read from either inside or outside of tire to identify it, if no marking can be found to be readable the tire will be deemed illegal


  1. Any steel wheel regular or beadlocks allowed on all four corners with O.E.M. bolt pattern, no wide five aluminum or steel wheels allowed, no wide five adapters

  2. 1 in. lug nuts on all four wheels mandatory


E-85 or any 110 or 115 racing fuel allowed, no alcohol, nitrous, or exotic fuels permitted




Any Bert, Brinn, allowed. Small clutches ok but must run a steel blow proof bellhousing, you will receive a 25 lb weight break but must have a steel bellhousing or weight break is void, automatic with direct drive ok



  1. 2800 # lbs

Sealed 602 crate from Nesmith

Open tires with 8" wheels only, any 8" tire. Must run the 8" wheels & tires to claim the weight break.

If protested will be impounded and took to a qualified engine builder to be checked for factory specs

   2. 3000 # lbs                add 50.00 # lbs for roller cam

Max. 362 cubic inches

Factory O.E.M. steel block with GM numbers on it

Any factory steel crank, 3.480 stroke plus or minus 0.002

No knife edging or excessive metal removed or excessive lightening

Any steel rod, no titanium

Any flat top piston, no domes pistons of any kind permitted

Block can be zero decked but no part of the piston can stick out of block

Any 23-degree Dart, bowtie, RHS, World products, Vortec, etc. heads straight or angle plug allowed, no raised runner heads allowed, plus minus 2 degrees, no cc rule, stainless steel valves allowed, max. 2.05/1.6, no titanium of any kind, shaft rockers or roller tip rockers with stud girdles ok, match port and polishing allowed, any one piece aluminum intake with max. 2 in. spacer, no 2 pc or sheet metal intakes permitted

Any solid lift cams allowed, roller cam and lifters add 50 lbs, must have stock diameter lifters, no mushroom or ceramic lifters allowed

Any 1 four barrel carb allowed

Any MSD ignition system allowed, no crank triggers or magnetos

Any gas fuel pump, water pump, power steering pump allowed, must be block mounted or head mount power steering pump

No external oil pumps or coolers allowed, no rear drive power steering pumps allowed

Any straight back headers allowed, no 180 or crossover headers allowed, no headers exiting out passenger’s side door or behind fender areas allowed

   3. 3100 # lbs                add 50.00 # lbs for roller cam

Any O.E.M. 400 steel block, max. 0.030 over (406), dart blocks or blocks with no GM casting numbers must add 100.00 lbs

Any steel aftermarket crank, 3.750 stroke, no tolerance, min. weight 48 lbs, no knife edging, lightening, or excessive metal removed

Any steel rod

Any flat top pistons, no domes allowed

Zero decking allowed, piston cannot come out of the block at all

Any 23 degree, plus or minus 2 degrees steel aftermarket, straight or angle plug heads allowed, stainless steel valves only max. 2.05/1.6, no titanium of any kind in motor, any valve springs ok, any rocker arm system ok, no cc rule, no raised runner heads period, port and polishing ok

Any solid lift cam and lifters, roller cam and lifters must add 50.00 lbs

Any one pcs factory aluminum intake allowed, no sheet metal, 2 pcs, or fabricated intakes permitted

Any 1 four barrel carburetor

MSD ignitions ok, no crank triggers, magnetos

Aftermarket fuel pump, water pump, and power steering pump allowed, must be block or head mount power steering pump

No external oil pumps allowed

Any straight back headers allowed, no 180 or crossover headers, headers must go straight back, no exiting out passenger’s side door or front fender areas allowed.

Tube type lower A frames allowed with 602 only




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