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The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.




  1. American made rear wheel drive frames only, min 108 wheel base with ½ inch tolerance

  2. Stock appearing steel bodies and aluminum sheet metal sides allowed but must retain stock body lines

  3. Full stock appearing nose and tail section for model of car claiming, Monte Carlo, Camaro, etc., no asphalt late model noses allowed, must be fully enclosed, no airgaps or openings of any kind. No mix matching manufacturers, example Chevy must run Chevy Motor & Chassis must match from OEM specs.

  4. Must have stock steel roof, side roof supports must match body, no flat or sheet metal roofs allowed

  5. Must have stock firewall and floor pan to behind driver, firewall can be altered for clearance and flattened out for pedals, floor pan must extend from drivers door to passengers door, no tunnel cars, center hump can be cut for shifter only, rear of floor pan must be boxed in to seal out rear of car

  6. Flat top decking permitted, rear decking can be no higher than 40 inches at any time, no wider than 65 inches, driver and passenger side window openings must be min. 15 inches

  7. 6 inch spoiler allowed by 65 inches wide, max 2 side fins allowed and must match dimensions, spoiler cannot extend outside of quarter panels


  1. Factory O.E.M. frame, no narrowing or shortening of frame rails allowed. Must extend from steering box to behind of rear end. Rear frame rails can consist of 2x3 box tubing to bumper, no round tube frame rails. All suspension mount must remain stock location, rear spring buckets allowed in rear for 5 inch springs but no jack bolts permitted front or rear, no adjustable spring buckets on top of spring in the front or rear, no welded jackbolt screws, even if they are cut off they will still be ruled illegal, no jackbolts permitted.

  2. Camaro, Nova, uni-body cares can have sub-frame connectors that consist of no more than 2x2 box tubing

  3. Must have full center roll cage, welded no less than6 places, must cosist of no less than 1 ½ round tubing, 0.90 thick, must have 3 door bars in drivers side and 2 in the passenger side door. Full top halo bar, cage will be inspected and if deemed unsafe will not be allowed to race.

  4. Must have factory firewall and floor pan to behind drivers compartment. Full floor pan from drivers door to passengers door with factory center hump. Firewall can be altered for clearance, center hump can be cut for shifter only, cockpit must be sealed from rear for safety purposes.

  5. All rear trailing arm upper and lower mounts must remain in stock location, no changing the factory mounts, or the angle of the factory mounts.

  6. Min 3 windshield bars

  7. Fuel cell must be securely fastened with no less than 1/16th x 2 inch wide straps, will be inspected for safety

  8. Motor must remain in stock location, fuel pump body must be in front of cross member, cross member can be notched for fuel line fittings only

  9. Solid motor mounts ok


  1. Suspension must match car being claimed

  2. Steering box, idler arm, center link and tie rods must remain factory

  3. Stock spindles or factory replacement permitted, speedway motors 3 pcs factory replacement spindles ok and recommended, O.E.M. rotors and steel O.E.M. calipers only front and rear, no lightening of O.E.M. rotors

  4. Factory O.E.M. or stock replacement upper and lower A-frames, factory lengths for car being claimed, no alteration to factory mounts except drilling for ½ inch bolts, no alterations to ball joint locations on upper or lower A-frames

  5. Steering quickener ok

  6. After market swinging or floor mounted pedals ok, brake adjuster ok

  7. Three wheel brakes allowed, right front shut off valves permitted

  8. Rear trailing arms uppper and lowers must remain stock stamped box style, no shortening or adjustable, all lengths will be on file for make and model of car and will be checked from center to center bolt hole ½ inch tolerance, aftermarket bushing ok, rear lower trailing arm must only have one set of holes on rear end mount, measurement from bottom of rear end to center hole for trailing arm is 2 ¾ inch with ½ inch tolerance, lower trailing arm mounts on rear end can only have one set of holes, no adjustability allowed

  9. Upper trailing arm mounts on top of rear end can be adjusted for pinion angle only

10.Multi-leaf spring cars must keep stock location, adjustable rear shackles allowed, no slider boxes permitted, no half leafs

11.Racing springs allowed front and rear, max 5 ½ inch front and min 5 inch in rear, racing multi-leafs allowed, non-adjustable lowering blocks allowed max 2 inch thick

12.Racing shocks allowed, must be steel and mounted in the stock location, gas shocks only. Shock buy rule $125 per shock.

13.Any stock type rear end allowed, Chevrolet or Ford, 9 inch Ford floaters is allowed and recommended, must have steel rotors with O.E.M. style steel single piston calipers

14.Steel drive shafts only, no aluminum, must be painted white, a min of at least 1 safety loop around driveshaft is mandatory, 2 recommended.

15.Any safety approved fuel cell allowed, must be encased in steel container, no open plastic, rubber, or solid steel or homemade tanks allowed, must have 2 complete straps all the way around consisting of 1/16th x 2 in flat strapping

16.Battery cannot be mounted inside cockpit area, must be mounted in a steel battery box, late model type, securely bolted or welded in, battery shutoff switches are recommended and should be mounted behind drivers seat for easy access in case of emergency

17.Working fire extinguisher must be securely mounted inside cockpit and easily accessible by driver

18.Roll bar padding is not mandatory but recommended in all areas around arms and feet, Safety is always first.

19.Safety harness in date no more than 3 yrs old mandatory and must be at least 4 point harness (two shoulder straps and two lap belts) crotch strap is not mandatory but highly recommended

20.Window nets recommended, can be full or sprint care type v-net

21.Aluminum racing seats only, no fiberglass or plastic seats of any kind, must have head rest on right side of seat, leg protectors are recommended but not mandatory, seats must be mounted with no less than 2 ½ inch bolts in bottom and at least 1 ½ inch bolt in the top

22.All weight ballast must be painted white with car number on them, MUST BE SECURELY MOUNTED with ½ inch grade 8 bolts or weight clamps, any weight that falls off a car because of improper mounting will be disqualified from event, weight will be impounded.


  1. E-85 or racing gas only. No alcohol, nitrous or any additives allowed


  1. Any 8 inch steel wheels allowed only, beadlocks allowed and recommended on right side for safety, beadlocks on all 4 corners ok, must run stock O.E.M. bolt pattern, no aluminum wheels of any kind

  2. Any open wheel tire allowed

  3. 1 in. steel lug nuts mandatory.


  1. Any 350 turbo or powerglide automatic transmission allowed, direct drives allowed, trasmission coolers ok, manual transmissions allowed. Must be stock OEM with all working gears. No bert, No Brinn allowed. Must have blow proof bell housing. No racing transmission. Any clutch allowed. Add 100 lb for manual transmission.


  • WEIGHT 3100 LBS


  1. Any 4 barrel carburetor, HEI style distributor, fuel pump must be in stock location, no rear drive pumps or

  • WEIGHT 3200 LBS

  1. O.E.M. steel block, max 362 cubic inches any cc

  2. Steel or cast O.E.M. style crank, 50 lb weight rule, Scat, Eagle ok. Balancing ok, no knife edging

  3. Must be STOCK stroke, no tolerance

CHEVY 3.480

FORD 3.5

DODGE 3.580

   4. Any steel I-beam or H-beam 5.7 or 6.0 rods allowed

   5. Flat top pistons only, no dome pistons of any kind

   6. Block can be zero decked but no part of the piston can be higher than the surface of the block, no tolerance

   7. Any solid lift cam and stock diameter lifters, no mushroom or ceramic lifters allowed, NO roller cam or hydraulic roller lifter allowed

   8. Aluminum water pump ok, aftermarket fuel ok

   9. Any O.E.M. Factory 23 degree steel heads allowed, valve size max below

       CHEVY 2.02/1.600

       FORD 2.02/1.600

       FORD (Boss or 351M/351C) 2.19/1.72

      CHRYSLER 2.02/1.600

      VORTEC 1.94/1.500

      BOSS or 4 barrel Cleveland heads must add 50 lbs

      Any valve springs, no aftermarket vortex, world product, bowtie, dart, etc. Factory replacement heads allowed. Must be O.E.M. from GM, Ford, Chrysler, with parts number on them.

      No porting and polishing of any kind allowed, must be 23 degrees with 1 degree tolerance, 3 angle valve job ok, no acid dipping or deburring or pocket grinding allowed, must remain stock, screw-in studs, guide plates, roller rockers 1.5 only, stud girdles allowed, no titanium parts in these motors of any kind

   10.Any HEI factory style distributor allowed. MSD, Accel, internal coils and module allowed, no external coils of any type        allowed

   11.Any dual plain aluminum intake allowed, no open or finned intakes allowed, DUAL PLAIN

        ONLY, 2 inch spacer allowed

   12.Any 4 barrel gas carburetor allowed



  1. Visual protest 50.00 must be done in a reasonable time before heat race or feature so the competitor has time to fix it, top 3 will be teched after feature again, track retains 50.00, no motor will be tore down til after feature races are over.

  2. Pull valve cover 50.00 track keeps 25.00

  3. Pull intake only to check cam 100.00 track keeps 50.00

  4. Pull heads and intake, check bore and stroke, cam, intake and heads 400.00 track keeps 100.00

  5. Check intake to oil pan 600.00 track retains 200.00




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