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The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.



*         There will be no special class, all cars and trucks will run the same rules.

1928 to 1948 body styles, coupes, sedans, trucks all must have been a production model. All frames and roll cages, including firewall, doors, and rear section framing, must be fabricated as a single unit frame following actual contour and dimensions of the finished body. Must be replica of factory stock body. No body shall be over 51” tall from bottom of outer edge to extreme top, loaded or unloaded, with or without driver, car must be within the measurements at all times. No body prior to 1938 shall exceed 36″ in width. No body 1939 or later shall exceed 38″ in width, measured at the widest point, usually the rear door post. American passenger cars and trucks only.

*         Absolutely no modlites or equivalent of a modlite can race with the vintage dwarf car division.


The slope of the roof may not exceed 3 1/2″ measured from the highest point in the rear, to the lowest point in the front, just before the cage starts to turn downward nor may the roof or any interior or exterior body panel have more than 8 degrees of angle rake.


All tubing must have a minimum of .065 wall thickness. No aluminum frames or roll cages. Firewall mandatory between trunk area and driver compartment.


Must have grill shell or simulated open radiator matching original body style. Front grill slant 20 degrees maximum. Cars will have a stock appearing grill, which shall be constructed of tubular steel or aluminum, and a hood to match radiator size and body style so as not to distract from overall appearance.


Chassis must have a minimum of 2 entry/exits consisting of two (2) doors or a left side door and a roof hatch.


Any suspension mounts must be shielded from driver compartment. Right and left door must have minimum of four bars .065 x .750 tubing. The bar supporting the drive shaft tunnel may count as one of these bars.


Door opening must have supports welded to the inside of the front and rear door post. Door stops minimum 3/16x2x3.


Front frame loop may be installed but cannot be any higher than where it exits the cowl to front of the frame.


Radiator MUST BE mounted in front of motor.


All door latches must be positive locking (spring loaded)


Hood must be fastened securely by spring latch, bolt, or dzus fasteners.


No glass of any kind.


Legend car chassis are legal as long as the rear end is Boxed. Must conform to all other suspension motor and weight rules.

*         Frame rails must be constructed of 1x2x.120 rectangular tubing only. This is from extreme front to extreme rear. Frame rails will be placed with the 2”-inch side vertically and the 1″ inch horizontally for the entire length of frame. There will be a minimum of three cross members in the manned compartment, one at the front end and one at the center and one at the rear. The cross members will be made of steel only with a minimum thickness of .120. Frame rails behind the rear cross member may be cut out and dropped a maximum 2” under the rear axle to provide vertical clearance for rear axles and must be gusseted with 1”x 2” frame tubing. NO rear end shall drop out the bottom. No round, oval or square tubing in lower side frame rails. All cars and trucks must have the top bar of the cage that forms the top of car/truck made of 1.250 od. tubing. This is for safety purposes and will not be an exception at any time.


*         Short nerf bars are required. Long nerf bars are optional. Must be three point mounted. Must be made of 1”-inch x .065 mild steel tube. No portion of nerf bars can extend wider than rear tires.


*         Front bumper must be no wider than 36″ and a minimum of 24″. No less than 6″ inches high (bottom bar) from the ground. Rear bumper must be no wider than 50″ inches maximum and minimum of 48″ inches. Bumper material is 1”-inch .065 mild steel.


*         Spindles, hubs, rotors and rotor hats can be made of aluminum or steel. No sway/ anti roll bars. Front suspension must not extend rearward past the most forward panel of the firewall except under frame rail. No torsion bars allowed front or rear. No driver adjustable mechanism in cockpit area or within reach of driver. No electric or hydraulic, air or ratchet type weight jacks.


*         One (1) shock per tire. Maximum stroke is 7”. 4 shocks only. Coil over type shocks and springs only. Rebuildable shocks are ok. No adjustable, No exotic, No cannister style, No Schrader valve or No Bladder style shocks. No part of the rear upper shock or shock mount may be mounted outside the body.


Stock Engines – STOCK MEANS STOCK! No machining, no milling the head, no porting and polishing in the bowl, intake or exhaust, and NO adjustable cam gears or aftermarket parts inside of engine.

*         Option 1: 1200 lbs. with 600 cc EFI

Option 2: 1275 lbs. with 601 -900 cc EFI or older 1100cc carb engine (1100 is the maximum cc allowed)

Option 3:  1000 efi 1300  2006  and older

* Option 4: 1000 efi 1350 pounds 2007 to 2010 max year

* Once a year inspection unless protested.

Note: EFI engines must retain stock fuel injection system.

Note: Any Carburetor engine, aftermarket carbs and ignition is allowed. All other parts must be stock.

Motor must have been intended to run carbs, NO converted EFI motors.

*         Ecu can be flashed. We have no way to tech the ecu so it can’t be tech’ed.

Note: Power Commanders CAN BE used on 600 to 900 cc engines.

Note: Power Commanders CAN NOT be used on 929/1000 cc EFI engines.

*         No type of traction control systems. Factory supplied air boxes and/or aftermarket filters may be used with any style velocity stack

* Serial number Vin number on engines must be visible and unaltered No exceptions.


Any car in the top 5 can protest the winner only. If winner is illegal, then second can be protested for additional fee.

*         After the race: $100. To pull valve cover check adjustable gears, pull throttle body and header to check port and polish, and spark plugs to see stock markings on pistons. $50 for the track and $50 for the car if proven legal. If illegal the protester gets $50 back. If at any reason a car is questioned it must be discussed with the director before any further actions.


A visual inspection  will be done before the car will be allowed on the track and weight sticker placed on drivers left hand side of the car.

*         This inspection will cover frame rear end set up and visual inspection and recording of the motor numbers

* Will be the drivers responsibility to notify the track if they change motors for any reason and update there motor numbers

* If protested and fount to have modified the car after the visual inspection will forfeit win and possible suspension from the track 

* Visual protest also covers anything on the car that is visible, shocks, drive shaft, power commanders, etc. ALL CARS MUST HAVE weight numbers 3” tall and clearly visible on right and left side of the hood for the correct engine in the car. If this is checked and not found correct you will be disqualified.


*         Aftermarket or stock header are ok. Mufflers, motorcycle or automotive style are mandatory.


*         Must be mounted in rear and securely fastened. A master shut off switch on rear deck, so it can been seen by track officials to kill power if needed. This is suggested but not mandatory.


*         Emissions legal gasoline available at a gas station, pumped out of the gas pump only! No form of race gas, No nitrous oxide, No alcohol, No nitro or propylene oxide type additives, No E85, No oxygenated fuels. Pump gas only! Fuel cell mandatory. Must be vented so as not leak fuel in any position, non-leaking cap.


*         Must be shaft driven to automotive type differential only. Toyota housing with floater axles are ok. Steel drive shafts only and must be painted white. There needs to be at least three cross members under drive shaft compartment for safety. No titanium axles allowed. Quick change rear ends are NOT allowed. Rear trailing arm/radius rod specifications: Arms may have a maximum length of 30”. Torque-absorbing devices are permitted. Maximum 3 radius rods or 3 link suspension: One trailing rod must be attached to each side of the rear housing by a bracket; either clamped or welded directly to rear housing. No “birdcage” type mounting of any kind permitted. No linkages of any kind permitted. Third radius rod must be mounted in a way to control the rotation of rear housing only. This rod may be adjustable but have no other function. A torque-absorbing device may be used in this location. A lateral Panhard or “J” bar will be used to maintain rear- housing position in chassis of car. No cantilever suspension in front or rear.


*         Must have 3 working brakes but 4-wheel brakes are recommended. All drums and rotors must be steel. Brake Bias manual and electronic shut off devices are allowed inside the driver compartment. Aluminum calipers are ok. Steel rotors only.


*         Wheel base must be 73″ inches. Maximum tolerance 1” inch. Cars must pass freely through a hoop 61″ wide by 57″ high. Center of the front and rear axles will be mounted in the center of the body, no offset hubs front or rear.


*         The top of the driver’s seat must be no more than 70″ inches back from the front axle center line but may be less if desired.


*         Wheel diameter is limited to 13″ inch. Width is maximum of 8″ inches. Bead Locks OK. Wheel offsets are allowed. Hoosier or American Racing tires allowed. MUST durometer 35 after the race.


*         Rack and pinion steering is recommended. NO type of power steering.


*         If any weight is added it must be bolted on with machine grade bolts and be painted white with car number on it.


*         Numbers on right & left door and roof must be minimum of 12 inches high. One on roof should be large as possible.


*         All cars must have an approved 5-point racing harness, equipped with a quick release buckle. Both ends of harness must be attached to the frame of the car with, not less than 3/8″ grade 8 bolts. All seat belts will be installed at a 45-degree angle to the driver’s hips. Shoulder harness comes from behind the driver and will go over both shoulders so that they will be held securely in the seat. (all safety restraint harnesses will be installed in accordance with manufactures guidelines). Seatbelts must be replaced or re-certified every 2 years. Approved racing type helmet with current Snell rating are to be used. All cars will have a production made quick-release, removable steering wheel. All cars will have a production made quick-release, removable steering wheel.All cars are required to have a fire extinguisher. A 5 Lb. Halon on board fire system with a minimum of 2 nozzles installed is highly recommended. If a portable type fire extinguisher is used, it must be mounted inside the car easily removable by driver with one hand while in belted position. All pits must have a minimum of a 2 lbs. fire extinguisher accessible in their pits.. All drivers must wear an approved driving suit. Single layer fire suit is minimum. All drivers must wear fire proof shoes and fire proof gloves

NOTE: Quick change rearend is allowed with 50 lb added.

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