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The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.




  • Demo Derby will be on Saturday, October 30, 2021

  • $50 entry fee, all entry fee money will go to the winner-winner pay is based on car count

  • Derby will be in the grass in the center of the track, all cars must stay in the grass, if you go over the curb you are out of the race, no exceptions.

  • Cars must have a 4 point cage and left side door bars for driver protection

  • All glass must be removed from the vehicle (windows, head lights, tail lights, etc)

  • Doors must be welded or chained together so they can’t open

  • No re-enforcement of front and rear bumpers

  • Cars must have seat belts and a fire extinguisher

  • All cars must go through pre inspection at the scale house and winner will be inspected at the end of the derby.

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