4 Cylinder




​ A. Compact four cylinder cars or truck allowed.

 B. Must be stock appearing.

 C. Must have full body, firewall and floor pan. Replacement sheet metal panels OK as long as maintaining stock apprearance. No open tail sections.


​ A. Must match make of car and be in original position and powered by gasoline only.

 B. Hydraulic cams and lifters only unless car was OEM solid (Toyotas).

 C. Lower end stock only,= .060 allowed. No lightning of crankshafts. Any flat top piston and steel rods only, must be stock length and match make and model of car being claimed.

 D.No high performance parts permitted unless otherwise stated.

 E. No roller rocker arms.

 F. May run aftermarket pulleys, cam and crank.

 G. Ignition: Stock ignition only. NO MSD.

 H. Aftermarket racing oil pan allowed.


 A. Stock factory steel head only, no off road heads. MUST BE AS CAST FROM MFG. NO PORT WORK.

 B. Valves must be stock diameter .010 tolerance. Lash caps are legal

 GM 2300cc 1.620-1.375/ 2474cc 1.75-1.50

 Ford 2300cc 1.735-1.50

 Nissan 2389cc 1.657-1.50

 Toyota 2366cc 1.72-1.457

 C. Valve Job: any machine cut NO BLENDING, MACHINE CUT ONLY.

 D. Milling heads allowed.


 A. Intake- Stock only. No polishing, porting or modifying. No fuel injected intake.

 B. Carburetor - GAS ONLY!!  No oxygenated gas allowed.

 500 cfm 2 barrel Holley or smaller .1" spacer plate or adapter allowed .030 tolerance.

 $350 claim price or $100 and swap carburetor.


 Headers allowed.


 ​A. Stock clutch, pressure plate and flywheel.

 B. Flywheel must weigh a minimum of 13 lbs. Surfaced on the clutch side only, no scalloped flywheel. Must be a factory flywheel, no aftermarket.

 C. Must have 2" inspection hole in bottom of bellhousing.

 D. Driveshafts: any


 A. Wheels - 8 in wide x13 in. tall only steel wheel. Beadlock RR and RF, allowed but not mandatory.

 B. Tires - Racing tires permitted, must durometer 50 at all times, before and after racing. No siping, no grooving and no chemicals.


 A. $70.00 claim price on shocks/struts. Must be stock length and mount same as factory location Rear axle may be locked. Wedge bolts legal. Top trail arms holes may be drilled or cut for pinion angle.


 1 lb per CC, minimum weight 2000 lbs. Weight must be displayed on top

 (Example 2000cc=2000 lbs, 2300cc (max Ford only) 2300 lbs, 2500cc=2350 lbs


 Stock parts, stock position.

 Must have working fire extinguisher, driver fire suit, helmet with shield and must have safety belts. RACEIVERS ARE MANDATORY!!!

1" diameter lug nuts minimum.


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